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Paul Gordon, composer/lyricist “Sense & Sensibility,” 2022

Paul Gordon, composer/lyricist for the musical adaptation of “Sense & Sensibility,” and other works, in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky.

Paul Gordon was a pop music songwriter when he decided to create a musical adaptation of Jane Eyre, which arrived in Broadway in December 2000 and ran for six months. Since then, he’s written the music and lyrics for several shows, including Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Daddy Long Legs, Estella Scrooge and Sleepy Hollow.

His version of Jane Austen’s  Sense and Sensibility, directed by Robert Kelley, plays at the Lucie Stern Theatre as part of the TheatreWorks Silicon Valley current season, and runs through April 3, 2022. His earlier Pride & Prejudice at TheatreWorks can be rented through Amazon Prime.

In this interview, he discusses the trajectory of his career, some of the challenges facing adaptations of Jane Austen, elements of the current production, and his work at