Resisting Fear: Tarik Kazaleh (aka Excentrik) redefines success and embraces life as a musician

ExcentrikTarik Kazaleh (aka Excentrik) — Palestinian-American MC, producer, and instrumentalist, based in the SF Bay Area, and known for his work with the Arab hip hop project “Arab Summit” — takes us through his journey as a musician, why it’s tough being an Arab artist, and how he said “F— you!” to societal expectations, to truly live life on his own terms.

His new album “Now Here Nowhere” available for purchase:

To contact Tarik:
[email protected]

Music featured in this episode:
Excentrik – Quick Minute – from ‘The Audio Refugee Compilation’
Excentrik – Inertia – from ‘Now Here Nowhere’
The Muhammeds ‘Live at the Legionnaire’
Excentrik – Incite Clash – from ‘Now Here Nowhere’

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Theme song: Muqata’a – Ahya’ (Instrumental) @boikutt

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