Law & Disorder w/ Cat Brooks

Artist Resistance in Residence: Mistah FAB

The mission of law & disorder is to expose, agitate and build a new world where all of us can thrive. But how do we get there? How do we build a world many of us have only seen in our dreams? That’s where we believe the artists come in. So, each week we feature an artist, holding down a weekly residency with us, helping us to imagine a different, more liberated world.

This week’s Artist Resistance in Residence is Oakland native, hip hop artist, community advocate, and owner of the brand and Oakland store Dope Era, Stanley Cox, also known as Stan Pablo, also known as Fabby Davis Jr, also known as F.A.B., but most commonly known as Mistah FAB.

This episode also features a short feature with 7-year-old rapper and dancer Brooklyn Ivy

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This episode featured Mistah FAB‘s song Power from his album Amerikkka Don’t Love Us.

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