Radio Wolinsky

Margaret Atwood IV, 2000: “The Blind Assassin”

Margaret Atwood, in conversation, recorded on September 14, 2000 with hosts Richard Wolinsky and Richard A. Lupoff, during the book tour for “The Blind Assassin.”

In this interview, heard in its entirety for the first time, Margaret Atwood takes an in-depth look at her Man Booker winning novel, “The Blind Assassin,: along with forays into the world of pulp magazines, life in Canada during the depression, Canada’s response to the Lincoln Brigade, and a deep dive into her writing practices.

Margaret Atwood was interviewed seven times for Probabilities/Bookwaves, starting in 1989 with the last interview to date in 2013. This interview, recorded during her book tour for “The Blind Assassin,” which would win the Booker Prize in 2000 and was named Time magazine’s Book of the year, was conducted on September 14th 2000, and was the last Atwood interview to feature the show’s late co-host, Richard A. Lupoff.

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