Radio Wolinsky

Jane Smiley, “A Dangerous Business,” 2023

Jane Smiley, whose latest novel is “A Dangerous Business,” in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky.

The author of seventeen adult fiction novels, two short story collections, five non-fiction works plus several young adult novels, Jane Smiley is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “A Thousand Acres,” and more recently The Last Hundred Years Trilogy. She current teaches creative writing.

“A Dangerous Business” takes us to Monterey, California in the early 1850s as Eliza Ripple, newly widowed and still only eighteen, winds up at a house of prostitution in order to survive and have a life of her own. The book follows her as she meets a friend who works out of a similar house for women, and the two embark on the trail of a murderer of women. Recorded January 20, 2023.