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Interview: Robert Kelley, Artistic Director of Theatreworks Silicon Valley

Robert Kelley, founder and Artistic Director of Theatreworks Silicon Valley, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Robert Kelley helped found Theatreworks back in 1970, shortly after graduating college. Originally a workshop, over a short time it turned into a community theatre, then a professional theatre, and now is one of the country’s leading regional theatre companies, with several originating shows (including the Tony winner “Memphis”) going to New York and Broadway.

Entering his second-to-last season, a year before the company’s fiftieth anniversary in 2019-2010, Robert Kelley discusses the history of Theatreworks, how it’s situated within the Bay Area community, along with details of the upcoming season, which features a production of the Tony-winning musical based on the graphic novel by Alison Bechdel, “Fun Home,” and the latest play by Rajiv Joseph (“Guards at the Taj”).

He also discusses how Broadway has changed, the role of Theatreworks in maintaining diversity and political consciousness, and the role of Silicon Valley companies in aiding the arts in general, and theatre specifically (hint: individuals support the arts, companies put their money mostly elsewhere).

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