Radio Wolinsky

Hershey Felder, “Chopin in Paris,” 2022

Hershey Felder discusses his stage show, “Chopin in Paris,” playing at TheatreWorks Mountain View August 19 through September 11, 2022 with host Richard Wolinsky.

Over the past 29  years, Hershey Felder has been performing one-person plays with his piano accompaniment, focusing on a variety of different composers, including George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Tschaikovsky, Beethoven and others. He has also created film versions of these and others, which can be found at his website,

“Chopin in Paris,” a variation of “M. Chopin,” which was shown as a film supporting various theatre companies during the pandemic, focuses on the composer in 1848, a year before he died, giving a piano lesson and talking about his life.