Radio Wolinsky

Heather Cox Richardson, “Democracy Awakening,” 2023

Heather Cox Richardson discusses her latest book, “Democracy Awakening: Notes on the State of America,” with host Richard Wolinsky, recorded October 4, 2023.

A Professor of History at Boston College, Heather Cox Richardson began four years ago a daily newsletter on Facebook, “Letters from an American.” Today, that newsletter has become a must-read for anyone interested in how current history relates to the historical record. She is the author of “How the South Won the Civil War” and several other books, with her specialty being the history of the Republican Party in the 19th Century.

“Democracy Awakening” is a look at how America’s politics changed into the current crisis in democracy, what that crisis looks like, and using history as a guide, helps us understand where to go in the future.

In this interview, Prof. Richardson discusses much of this, with side-journeys into the 19th Century and some current issues.