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Forensic Junk Science Incarcerates Mothers of Stillborn Babies w/ Duaa Eldeib

In ProPublica’s latest investigation into the forensic junk science, we learn about some medical examiners’ use of ‘lung float tests’, which use questionable-at-best practices to determine whether a baby who has died was born as a stillbirth. The test has been used to convict women who’ve birthed stillborn babies of murdering their child.

Our guest is Duaa Eldeib, a reporter at ProPublica whose reporting has sparked legislative hearings and government reform and has led to the release of young men incarcerated as juveniles then later sent to adult prison for “minor” offenses. Her latest reporting is on a forensic analysis tool that experts have likened to a witch trial, to convict women who’ve had stillbirths at home, of murder. As a result of her reporting on this topic, new investigations are underway to examine that the validity – or not – of the forensic junk science. Her latest piece in ProPublica is titled, “Experts to Examine a Controversial Forensic Test That Has Helped Convict Women of Murder”.

Check out Duaa Eldeib’s reporting for ProPublica:


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