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Ep. 9 Birthing Behind Bars, Roots Of Labor Birth Collective Pt. 2

Guests: Ixel Chavez and Rebecca Orozco from the Roots of Labor Birth Collective.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series where we dive into the badass organization that is the bay area based, RLBC- aka Roots of Labor Birth Collective. These doulas of color provide full price, sliding scale, and volunteer doula services. In addition to serving private clients, they partner with Santa Rita Jail and Bay Area clinics to serve low-income and communities of color.

In this episode, we dive into their full-spectrum doula work within Santa Rita Jail.

Discussion Topics:
*A basic run through of what it is like to provide prenatal and birth support to non-free folk in Santa Rita Jail
*Some of the challenges expecting and birthing folk may face when being within the prison industrial complex
*RLBC’s systems of support that cultivate sustainability in this SUPER INTENSE and challenging work
*The struggles of talking about this work without being able to TRULY TALK about this work (aka Security Culture).
*And more!

Please consider making a donation in support of this crucial work! Visit

Links and Resources:
Music: “This is Not Our Home,” performed by the Lady Lifers.
Roots of Labor Birth Collective:

Ixel Chavez- I am of Guatemalan descent and have some knowledge on herbs, nutrition and traditional practices. I encourage self empowerment. I have experience with different comfort measures during labor. I am respectful, attentive, patient and adaptable

Rebecca Orozco- is a Spanish-speaking Chicana Doula, a Reproductive Justice and Family Advocate, and an aspiring activist. Before coming into Birth Work in 2015, she spent 8 years supporting families of diverse structures as an Early Childhood Educator. She has a background in Medical Anthropology, and sees Birth Work as Social Justice in action. As a Doula, she wants you to have all the information you seek and to feel empowered by your choices at every step – your body, your baby, your birth. She is ecstatic to be in community with so many inspiring, conscientious doulas.

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