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Ep. 8 Birthwork For Folks Of Color, Roots Of Labor Birth Collective Series, Pt 1

Guests: Kai Shatteen and Melissa Reyes from the Roots of Labor Birth Collective.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series where we dive into the badass organization that is the bay area based, RLBC- aka Roots of Labor Birth Collective. These doulas of color provide full price, sliding scale, and volunteer doula services. In addition to serving private clients, they partner with Santa Rita Jail and Bay Area clinics to serve low-income and communities of color.

In this episode, we explore an an outline of RLBC’s work with a special focus on their doula training- taught by people of color, FOR people of color, to SERVE people of color.

Additional Topics:
*The importance of folks being served by people who share aspects of their identity.
*Differences between trainings created and led by white folk vs trainings created and led by people of color
*Ways that national doula training organizations can exploit/let down marginalized communities
*How choosing a one-sized-fits-all approach to providing doula services through medicare can backfire for those who need it most
*And more!

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Links and Resources:
Music: “A Change is Gonna Come,” sung by Aretha Franklin
Roots of Labor Birth Collective:
Kai Shatteen-
Melissa Reyes-

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