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Ep. 7, Loss & Grief Series Pt. 3 With Elena Aurora

We begin this episode with a call to action. Nia Wilson’s death reminds us, once again, of the urgency that surrounds the need to dismantle oppressive systems in this society. Let our birthwork be an expression of our justice work. Let our birthwork be an embodiment of healing and collective liberation.

This episode, we listen to birthworker and co-found of the Roots of Labor Birth Collective, Elena Aurora. We dive even deeper into ways loss and grief can manifest in the birth experience, what we as birthworkers can do to be of support, and how we as birthworkers can best support ourselves through such work when we are struggling with our lives.

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More Show Notes <3
Elena Aurora is a creative movement organizer. They craft stories, ceramics, and spreadsheets. Elena is the co-founder of Woke n Wasteless and Roots of Labor Birth Collective. They identify as a healer, queer & mixed–race Peruvian indigenous, Spanish colonizer, and decedent of german immigrants pre-civil war. They are based out of Oakland CA. Learn more about Elena at

Roots of Labor (Bay Area):
Roots of Labor Birth Collective (RLBC) believes that everyone deserves a doula, regardless of one’s ability to pay. When you hire an RLBC doula, you are investing in the wellness of the greater Bay Area birthing community.

We partner with Santa Rita Jail and Bay Area clinics who serve low-income and communities of color. We offer compassionate physical, emotional, and informational support to those members of our community who are most vulnerable to systemic oppression. When you choose to hire an RLBC doula, your decision to work with us also provides quality doula care to all birthing people– including those who are incarcerated, immigrants, survivors, low-income, of color, trans*, queer, and/or disabled.

Closing poem by Kim Bjanes. Follow her on Instagram @lameramerakimguerra
We are still here. We are still growing.
We are marching. We are speaking up.
We are voting. We are graduating.
We are healing.
We are learning to take care of ourselves.
We are instigating change. We are fighting.
We are getting back up.
We are fearless.
We are resilient. We are the revolution.
We are liberating ourselves.
We are taking up space.
This is a testament to the resilience
that makes us who we are as a people.
No nos rajamos.
We believe in si se puede.
Yes we can,
and yes we will.

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