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Ep. 2: Ancestral Medicine Series, Part 1 with Batul True Heart

In this episode, we dive into the subject of ancestral medicine with healer, community worker, and Curandera, Batul True Heart.

Batul has dedicated her life to keeping the traditional healing practices of her ancestors alive in order to heal herself, her community, and the earth from the devastating effects of colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. Walking the path of Curanderismo, Batul cultivates her connection to her ancestors, the plants, and the elements by respectfully bringing her ancestral medicine to the world while empowering others to do the same. Connect with Batul on instagram @batultrueheart or email at maaso[email protected].

What does ancestral medicine mean? Why is it powerful? How can we begin or deepen the journey of exploring the healing modalities of our ancestors? Batul and I answer these questions and more. Stay Tuned <3.

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