Birth Bruja

Ep. 12, Money, Privilege & Birthwork, Heart on Sleeve Series, Pt. 2

Guests: Birthworkers Daniella Morales, Keelia Alder, & Brooke Patmor

This is part 2 of a 2 part series where we dive into vulnerable conversations about identity and birthwork.

In this episode, we continue exposing our proverbial underbelly by diving into the conversation around money, privilege and birthwork.

Guest Bios & Contact Info:

Daniella Morales |
Daniella was born and raised in SF and I now lives in Berkeley. Her ancestry is rooted through indigenous peoples from central america specifically Nicaragua. Family is the base of everything she does. She has a wonderful son who’s birth was the most enlightening experience she’s ever had. With her family’s support and love she is able to serve the creating of mothers and families through birthwork.

Daniella is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and hold mothers blessing ceremonies. She honors the wisdom and medicines that come from her ancestors and those that have lived these lands before her.

What she loves most about birth is how the birthing person is so present in a primal and pure way. Everything else in the world ceases and they go deeply inward to a place of origin. Instincts guide them on this journey and when ready, they are born as mothers… She is continuously amazed by the strength and power it takes to do this primal dance.

Keelia Alder | [email protected]
I’ve always loved birth. My mom was a childbirth educator, so I was lucky enough to grow up with expectant parents practicing breathing techniques and birthing positions in our living room every Tuesday night. Becoming a doula was the most natural thing in the world for me, and I’ve loved every sweaty, beautiful second of it since I became a certified birth and postpartum doula in 2015.
As part of the birth justice movement, I believe that all parents deserve an empowering and celebrated birth experience regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, body type, or religion, and I am over-the-moon excited to work with you towards the birth experience you’re hoping for.

Brooke Patmor |
I am passionate about supporting birthing people and their families through the transition to parenthood. This is such a sacred time. I believe in the importance of offering evidence based information about birth, giving you a full scope of all your options so that you can make well informed decisions that feel right for you and your family. I believe people should birth where they feel comfortable, safe and empowered and have supported clients birthing at home, in hospitals and at birth centers. believe in the wisdom and intuition of the human body and am honored to help safeguard the birthing process.

As a queer person myself, I am dedicated to offering inclusive care. I welcome people of all identities and family structures. I am down-to-earth and compassionate in my care offering a steady sense of peace to your process. I rely on my intuition and learned skills to help meet you and your partner where you are. I want you to feel safe, supported and educated going into your birth experience.

Music: “Pynk” by Janele Monae

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