Looking In: Why Narcy is the Neo-Arab Rebel Called Yassin

World War Free NowWe were lucky enough to be joined by Narcy (fka The Narcicyst) after his performance at the Arab Film Festival. He is a Montreal-based Iraqi-Canadian artist, activist, and educator, who is well known for songs like P.H.A.T.W.A. and Hamdulillah. He speaks with us about the differences between being Arab in Canada and in the U.S., why he was drawn to hip hop, and how he navigates his identity musically.

His newest album is called “World War Free Now”(


Narcy’s music featured in this episode:

Hamdulillah (Gaza Remix) ft. Shadia Mansour
Makoo ft. 47 Soul – ‘World War Free Now’
The Real Arab Money (Busta Rhymes’ Arab Money remix)
7araga ft. Meryem Saci – ‘El Nargisee’
Love Me (Hate Me)ft. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – ‘World War Free Now’

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