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Diane Wilson · Feels like Justice! (2020)

We begin the year with inspiring, effective kick butt protection of life, as Caroline welcomes the return of indefatigable, dedicated ally – Diane Wilson, Sea Drift Texas fisher-woman-activist, recently triumphant, “This feels like Justice!” legal victory over Formosa Plastics!

“TRLA said the $50 million settlement is the largest in U.S. history involving a private citizen’s lawsuit against an industrial polluter under federal clean air and water laws. The money will be poured into a trust over the next five years and used to pay for programs supporting pollution mitigation, habitat restoration, public education and other environmental efforts on the middle Texas Gulf Coast.

Diane Wilson, a retired shrimper and an environmental activist, sued Formosa in July 2017, alleging that its Port Comfort plant had illegally discharged thousands of plastic pellets and other pollutants into Lavaca Bay and other nearby waterways. Environmental group San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper, represented by two private attorneys, joined Wilson in the suit.”

“Having the $50 million settlement go to local environmental projects feels like justice,” Wilson said in a statement. “Formosa polluted Lavaca Bay and nearby waterways for years. Now it will pay for strong community projects that will improve the health and welfare of our waterways and beaches.” (The Texas Tribune)


Image: Diane Wilson, from Vanguardia article


(January 2, 2020)