Radio Wolinsky

Dawn Porter, “The Ladybird Diaries,” “Deadlocked,” 2023

Dawn Porter, documentary filmmaker, in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky, recorded on Zencastr, September 11, 2023.

Dawn Porter’s work has appeared on ESPN, HBO, Netflix, PBS and other streamers. Her film Trapped, focusing on abortion clinics in the South, won a special prize at Sundance in 2016 along with a Peabody Award. Her 2013 documentary, Gideon’s Army, her first film, focusing on public defender attorneys in the South, is now part of the US Deparment of State’s American Film Showcase.

She is also the director of John Lewis: Good Trouble, which focuses on the late Congressman and activist. Her most recent projects are The Lady Bird Diaries, which was shown at SXSW Film Festival and the four part documentary series, Deadlocked: How America Shaped the Supreme Court, which airs on Showtime starting September 23rd. Other recent projects include the short film Bree Wayy, about the life of Brionna Taylor, also on Showtime Paramount Plus. Gideon’s Army is available for free on the Tubi app.

Dawn Porter will be appearing live at Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive on September 21st, 22nd and 23rd to discuss her work. On September 21st with The Lady Bird Diaries and September 23rd with Gideon’s Army. See for the times and details of the events. Special thanks to A.J. Fox and Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archives.