The Sacred Place Where Life Begins

Dark of Moon Preventing Arctic Drilling Mojo · Rick Steiner & David Grimes

Intelligence of the Arctic Defying Shell drilling

From 1980–2010, Rick Steiner was as a marine conservation professor with the University of Alaska, stationed in the Arctic (Kotzebue 1980-1982), Prince William Sound (Cordova 1983-1997), and Anchorage (1997-2010). Today, he conducts the Oasis Earth project ( –- a global consultancy working with NGOs, governments, industry, and civil society to speed the transition to an environmentally sustainable society.

He continues to work on oil and environment issues, including oil spill prevention, response preparedness, damage assessment, and restoration. His primary focus is now on ecological habitat and biodiversity conservation; establishing Citizens Advisory Councils to advise industry and government; conservation finance; and extractive industry and environment issues, particularly oil, gas, and mining, in the Arctic and globally. Oasis Earth seeks to persuade government, industry, and civil society of the urgency of the global environment crisis, and the necessary regional solutions, particularly in government policy to incentivize sustainability.

Oasis Earth and Professor Steiner are available to assist NGOs, governments, industry, and civil society in speeding their transition to sustainability.


and longtime ally, Captain David Grimes, Exxon Valdez enviro bard, voice for beauty and mythic metaphysical wit…