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UN to vote on US-Cuba blockade w/ Diana Block

On November 3rd the United Nations is set to vote on ending the US blockade against Cuba, and local solidarity activists are demanding Nancy Pelosi join in the calls to end the embargo. On Thursday, November 3rd at 4:30 pm a broad coalition of Bay Area groups will rally at the SF Federal Building (7th St. near Mission) to call on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “Let Cuba Live!” The rally will take place on the day that the United Nations General Assembly is expected to overwhelmingly condemn, for the 30th year in a row, the illegal economic, commercial and financial blockade that the US imposes against Cuba. People will then march to UN Plaza to spotlight the significance of the UN vote.

We speak with Diana Block, an anti-imperialist, abolitionist, feminist who works with the Bay Area – Cuba Saving Lives Committee. She also is also a founding and active member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners, and a co-founder of San Francisco Women Against Rape.

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