Radio Wolinsky

Carl Hiaasen: “Squeeze Me.”

Carl Hiaasen is a novelist best known for writing humorous and satiric crime thrillers set in Florida. His latest novel, Squeeze Me, satirizes life in Palm Beach during the era of the last president, and features a thinly disguised Trump waddling through his digs at Mar a Lago, here called Casa Bellacosa. He is also a regular columnist for The Miami Herald, appearing every Sunday to discuss political and social issues. He is interviewed by host Richard Wolinsky.

In this in-depth interview, he discusses the writing of Squeeze Me and how difficult it has been to create satire during the Trump years, his views on the current Governor of Florida, Rudy Giuliani as a satirical character, the awfulness of the Trump regime, and the process of writing comic thrillers. The interview was recorded shortly before the events of January 6, 2021.