California In Flux

Episode 1: The Climate Silence

Is climate change as big a challenge as it’s made out to be? Are we talking about it enough, or at all? What do Americans and Californians think about climate change? How much does our political leaning affect how we perceive this threat? And most importantly, what can we do with our biggest power–our vote–to fight global warming and put in place clean energy measures that we desperately need?
This and more in the inaugural episode of California in Flux, where to Dr. Edward Maibach (@MaibachEd), Director of the Centre for Climate Change Communication at the George Mason University, and Dr. John Holdren, professor at the Harvard-Kennedy School for Government and President Obama’s Science Advisor and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy discuss ways of communicating and ways of acting in the face of a rapidly changing climate.
If you want to find out more about what concerns Californians for these upcoming midterms and figure out where candidates stand on environmental issues and climate change here is a curated list of resources –
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Editor: Tanaya Landry
Music (and other) support: Kevin Cartwright
Ideation and Script: Mukta Patil
A big shout out to Antonio Ortiz, Miguel Guerrero and Lucas Martin for all the insights, ideas and help.
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