Radio Wolinsky

Bonnie Tsui: “Why We Swim”

Bonnie Tsui discusses her book, “Why We Swim,”  which examines the human need for moving in water, from the history of swim strokes, to how physiology plays a role in swimming, to the history of swimming from ancient times in the Sahara to Rome and to the present, and how swimming became a sport. Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.

Bonnie Tsui lives in the Bay Area and swims regularly at the Albany Pool, when it’s open, and also swims in San Francisco Bay. She is also the author of American Chinatown: A People’s History of Five Neighborhoods.

In the interview she discusses some of the topics in her book, and how the pandemic has affected Asian Americans. Recorded using internal Mac microphones on the zencastr website.

Bonnie Tsui portrait photo: copyright Lindsay Skiba. By permission of the publisher.