Kicking off our Black Herbalist Voices series, host Sarah Holmes interviews Earcine Evans, a fourth-generation herbalist and farmer in Pickens, Mississippi. Mrs. Evans grows food and herbs, creates a line of skin and hair products as well as teaches in her community and beyond. Fund drive hosted live by Emiliano Lemus. Follow The Herbal Highway … Continued

Law & Disorder

The Shakurs and the Nation They Created w/ Santi Elijah Holley – Fund Drive Special

For over fifty years, the Shakurs have inspired generations of activists, scholars, and music fans. Many people are familiar with the late rapper Tupac Shakur, or some with Assata Shakur, the revolutionary member of the Black Liberation Army who has been living for three decades in Cuban exile; but the branches of the Shakur family … Continued

A Box of Toys

A Box of Toys – February 20, 2024

A Box of Toys is a radio program dedicated to the mystery of obscure music. The sheer volume of new and original artists is utterly overwhelming and A Box of Toys endeavors to pluck these voices out of their dusty basements and onto the airwaves for your listening pleasure. It is the culmination of a … Continued

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