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Steve Zeltzer

Steve Zeltzer has covered labor and working people for decades on the radio and also on television and cable. He has been active in unions where he worked and has also established Labornet.org and Labortech.net which seeks to educate and train working people on how to use communication media for labor. He also supports Laborfest.net which is an annual working class cultural festival including film held every July in the bay area to commemorate the 1934 San Francisco general strike.

Steve is also a producer of documentaries on the role of labor including “Halfway To Hell, The Workers And Unions That Built The Golden Gate Bridge” narrated by SAG actor Danny Glover which has been screened on PBS stations and on public television in the Bay Area. He also encourages unions and working people to use the KPFA streaming channel to get their meetings, rallies and actions on the air at KPFA and Pacifica.