The Herbal Highway is a weekly radio show dedicated to providing free herbal information to the public. This program offers voices and perspectives not always present in mainstream discussions of health and maintains an ecological perspective of using plants in a sustainable way. The Herbal Highway has been airing live since 1997.

Karyn Sander envisioned the show which she now maintains through the support of Sarah Holmes who also hosts and produces the show. Sarah has been a guest host since the early years of the show and began hosting on a regular basis in 2006.

The Herbal Highway is also hosted by Renée Camila and Emiliano Lemus. The Herbal Highway team volunteers their time. Follow us on Facebook and  Instagram @theherbalhighway.


About the Hosts:

Karyn Sanders is a clinical herbalist and teacher. Her training started as a child and she has been working with plants most of her life. Karyn teaches across the US as well as running her own school, Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with Sarah Holmes.

Sarah Holmes is a clinical herbalist in private practice and teaches around the country as well as at her school, Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine.

Renée Camila is a clinical herbalist, yerbera, educator, and mother. Her people come from Nicaragua. She offers bilingual herbal consultations, classes, and medicina under La Yerba Buena.
Emiliano Lemus is a clinical herbalist, a medical student, and a fourth-generation healer/plant meddler of chicano heritage (Chicimeca, Purepecha, and mixed/migrant Western European). They are also a collective member in the Bay Area Herbal Response