Weekly interviews with poets, performance artists, film-makers, novelists and storytellers. Hosted by Nina Serrano the first two Wednesdays of the month; Jovelyn Richards the third Wednesday; and Reyna Cowan the fourth Wednesday.


Poet to Poet second Wednesday of the month.

Nina Serrano
Nina Serrano

Hosted and produced by Nina Serrano, with technical director Jill Montgomery. The program focuses on poets and writers who read from their own work and discuss their process. Prize-winning poet Nina Serrano highlights poets and authors whose work and ideas are generally outside the mainstream media. Authors share excerpts from their work and discuss it in friendly collegial conversation. Although the guests change, the program follows a relaxing format for listener enjoyment and exposure to important contemporary literature. Nina Serrano is a prizewinning poet and filmmaker. Her poetry is widely anthologized. In 2014 she won the Josephine Miles Oakland Pen Award for her newest book, “Heart Strong: Selected Poems 2000-12.” In 2010 she voted “Best local poet” by Oakland Magazine. Her website is ninaserrano.com Contact Nina at [email protected]

Jovelyn’s Bistro  third & fifth Wednesday of the month

JovelynRichards-HostPhoto-175x230“Sometimes We Need Art, More Than Food & Water.”  Jovelyn Richards interviews artists who explore emotional intimacy through their narratives within theatre, film and literature, along with voices less heard. She talks with artists who explore emotional intimacy and the fringes of our culture. Jovelyn Richards is a writer, international  performance artist and speaker. She holds both an MA and MFA in the Humanities. Her website is jovelynrichards.com Contact Jovelyn at [email protected]



Frame to Frame fourth Wednesday of the month.

ReynaCowan-HostPhoto-173x230Reyna Cowan
is KPFA’s film and media critic. The show highlights independent, documentary and foreign films. The show also features films screened at Film Festivals and Film Archives. Through interviews with filmmakers, guests discuss their understanding of craft, storytelling and ideas as well as addressing the social and political context of their films. Reyna Cowan has been covering film for many years on KPFA. She was the film critic for KPFA’s Morning Show. Reyna is a Narration Consultant for documentary films. In addition, she is a child and adult psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in practice in Oakland, California.
Contact Reyna at [email protected]