February 2014 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting,
February 8, 2014, 11am-4pm
Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA

Note: An audio archive of this meeting is available at www.kpftx.org/archive.php

Present: Craig Alderson, Tina Bachemin, Mal Burnstein, Paula Erkkila, Donald Goldmacher, Kate Gowen, Cynthia Johnson*, Samsarah Morgan, Mel Sanders, Lewis Sawyer, Franklin Sterling, Ramsés Teón-Nichols, Carole Travis, David Welsh, Barbara Whipperman.
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, José Luis Fuentes, David Gans, Mark Hernandez, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Joy Moore, Andrea Prichett, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson.

1.         Call to order

Meeting called to order by chair C. Travis at 11:13 am.

2.         Roll call and excusing of members

Moved (C. Alderson) to excuse all absent members. Approved without objection.

3.         Approve agenda

Moved (C. Alderson) to add announcements as item 5.5. Approved without objection.

Moved (D. Welsh) to postpone program council item to a later meeting. Approved without objection.

Moved (M. Burnstein) to approve agenda as amended. Approved without objection.

4.         Minutes

On motion of chair to adopt minutes as corrected, approved unanimously by voice vote.

5.         Public comments

Public comments begin at 13:33, part 1, of audio recording. Kathy Horsley.

5.5        Announcements

F. Sterling: Apprenticeship Program still accepting applications. March 14 deadline. Encouraged board members to circulate flyers about program. Operation San Jose is meeting regularly, with next meeting on Feb. 18, 7-9pm. Reps from news department and Onda Bajita will attend.

C. Johnson: Walter Turner will speak on Cuba on Feb. 28. There will also be a showing of “Power of Song” about Pete Seeger.

P. Erkkila: Frank Sterling said he would give anyone interested a tour of station after today’s meeting. Noted that Olympics now has women’s ski jumping team, first time this allowed in Olympics.

C. Travis: Feb. 11 hearing of public safety committees of state Assembly and Senate on solitary confinement and prison policies. Rally at Capitol at 9:00, with carpooling and buses from MacArthur BART. Prisonhungerstrikesolidarity.wordpress.com.

R. Teón-Nichols: Feb. 15 kickoff event to raise minimum wage to $12.25. Meet at Fruitvale BART 9:30am for signature gathering 11-3 for ballot initiative.

D. Welsh: Rally Feb. 13 3pm at Oakland state building to demand that California attorney general prosecute police officers who kill youth. Organized by Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition.

S. Morgan: Alameda Co. Green Party hosting a discussion of issues affecting City of Oakland and visions of city’s future. Feb. 9, 5pm, Neibyl-Proctor Library.

6.         iGM report

The iGM was not present and there was no report.

7.         Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman)

Bank balance is $65k, not including revenue from recent fundraiser. Accounts payable is $16k, due in next few days.

TR1 is comparison of what was budgeted for FY13 versus what was actually spent. P. 1 is summary, pp.2-4 are details. Budget projected $22,281 surplus, but we fell short of our expectations by $91,700.

8.         KFCF report (M. Sanders)

See attached.

9.         Old business

A.         Addressing racism at KPFA

The board discussed facilitated workshop around movie “Cracking the Codes.”

Moved by chair: 1) that at the March LSB, after conclusion of budget item, the board will either adjourn or have open workshop on race, facilitated by S. Morgan and a colleague, to last 2-1/2 hours, with target time of 4:00 for adjournment; 2) the LSB will form subcommittee to discuss town hall meeting on racism in near future. Approved unanimously by voice vote.

L. Sawyer volunteered for the committee. Other board members who wish to volunteer for committee should contact S. Morgan.

Moved (D. Welsh) to specifically invite Pacifica executive director to April LSB meeting. Approved unanimously by voice vote.

10.        Special order of business: financial priorities — brainstorming

In preparation for discussion, treasurer distributed TR2 and TR3. Board conducted open brainstorming session as preliminary step toward developing FY13-14 budget. Session begins at 00:10 of part 2 of audio file.

9.         Old business (continued)

Chair proposed addressing police policy first, then development. No objections.

B.         KPFA policy regarding calling police

Moved (M. Burnstein) as substitute for resolution submitted by A. Prichett that board recommend that iGM develop policy, in consultation with staff, as to when to call police. Approved unanimously by voice vote.

C.         Development

B. Whipperman distributed summary of ideas on development from summer 2013 brainstorming sessions, as well as templates for evaluating ideas and Pacifica mission statement. Whipperman walked board through examples of how to evaluate ideas using template, and asked board to do this as homework. Board continued brainstorming about development, outreach, and events. Chair encouraged board members to consider fundraising ideas for future meetings.

Adjourned 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Alderson
LSB Secretary

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