December 2013 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting,
December 14, 2013, 11am-4pm
Berkeley Senior Center
1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA

Note: An audio archive of this meeting is available at

Present: Craig Alderson, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, José Luis Fuentes, David Gans, Donald Goldmacher, Matthew Hallinan, Mark Hernandez*, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Andrea Prichett, Mel Sanders, Lewis Sawyer, Dan Siegel, Carole Travis, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson.
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Shahram Aghamir, Mal Burnstein, Cynthia Johnson, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan, Tracy Rosenberg, Franklin Sterling, Ramsés Teón-Nichols.

Outgoing LSB portion

1.         Call to order

Meeting called to order by chair B. White at 11:15 am.

2.         Roll call and excusing of members

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to excuse all absent members. Approved without objection.

3.         Approve agenda

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to approve agenda. Approved without objection.

4.         Minutes

Minutes of November 16, 2013, meeting were incomplete due to loss of one motion’s text and failure of meeting recording. Discussion clarified motion and maker of motion agreed to supply reconstructed language. Moved (M. Wilkinson) to approve minutes as corrected and reconstructed. Approved without objection.

5.         Installation of new members

By resolution of the national board, in lieu of elections, board members who had reached the end of their second terms were to be replaced by the next runners up in the 2012 election. Members Tina Bachemin (staff), Paula Erkkila (listener), and Dave Welsh (listener) were seated, replacing outgoing members Shahram Aghamir (staff), Matthew Hallinan (listener), and Tracy Rosenberg (listener).

6.         Election of pro-tem chair

Burton White elected by acclamation.

7.         Adjournment of 2013 board

The 2013 local station board was adjourned at 11:32.

Incoming LSB portion

Present: Craig Alderson, Tina Bachemin, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Paula Erkkila, José Luis Fuentes, David Gans, Donald Goldmacher, Mark Hernandez, Cynthia Johnson*, Janet Kobren, Jack Kurzweil, Andrea Prichett, Mel Sanders, Lewis Sawyer, Dan Siegel, Carole Travis, David Welsh, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White, Margy Wilkinson.
*Arrived after roll call.

Absent: Mal Burnstein, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan, Tracy Rosenberg, Franklin Sterling, Ramsés Teón-Nichols.

1.         Call to order

The 2014 local station board was called to order by pro-tem chair B. White at 11:32 am.

2.         Roll call and excusing of members

Moved (C. Alderson) to excuse all absent members. Approved without objection.

3.         Election of LSB officers

Chair: C. Travis. Vice chair: R. Teón-Nicols. Treasurer: B. Whipperman. Secretary: C. Alderson. All positions were uncontested and candidates were elected by acclamation.

4.         Approve agenda

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to adjourn no later than 1:40pm. Approved: 15Y, 0N, 2A.

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to amend agenda to add board schedule as item 11.B and to add items 10.A-E from 2013 LSB (development; IT efficiency audit; Pacifica Archives; racism at KPFA; policy on police) as items 11.C-G under new business of 2014 board. Approved without objection. Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to adopt agenda as amended. Approved without objection.

5.         Public comments

Walter Turner, Virginia Browning

6.         Announcements

A.         P. Erkkila: Looking forward to a year of harmony and cooperation.

B.         D. Welsh: Greeted board.

7.         Chair’s report

Outgoing chair B. White thanked board and spoke about his year as chair. He hopes to end strife and move to collaborative decision-making. Incoming chair C. Travis addressed rumors of program changes. Board does not have authority over programming but we are in favor of open process and inclusion. She will contact iGM immediately and ask for more information. Sense of the board is for a more open and clear process, and an explanation of the changes and their reasons.

6.         Announcements (continued)

J. Kobren: 1) Dec. 23 is 100th anniversary of Federal Reserve. There will be actions and commemorations of anniversary, including demands to nationalize the Fed, beginning the after noon and continuing into evening at 101 Market St., San Francisco address of the Federal Reserve. 2) Strike Debt Bay Area has organized radio collective and is preparing 10-minute segments. First one aired on Wednesday’s Morning Mix, with another to follow the coming Wednesday.

A. Prichett: Jan. 30 is possibly date of outreach meeting in San Jose, which will be like a town hall meeting to solicit community input. Other dates are possible.

M. Wilkinson: Berkeley NAACP has issued a challenge around racism issues in Berkeley. Held a discussion the past Saturday attended by more than 100, including LSB members. Key issues are police and jobs. African-American population in Berkeley has fallen from 30% in 1970 to 8% today. Participants asked what can be done about this.

C. Travis: San Jose homeless encampment has been receiving coverage in the press.

8.         Treasurer’s report (B. Whipperman)

Cash on hand is $56k after recent payroll and remitting $20k to national office. $40k in outstanding bills. We are expecting $120k from a bequest; we were notified last fiscal year that this would be coming. It is in the form of Chevron stock, which will be sold. Fund drive receipts as of last night were $125k, on track to $300k. We do not have data on credit card receipts yet.

9.         KFCF report (M. Sanders)

Last month annual fundraiser. Outstanding turnout for B. Edwards-Tiekert, keynote speaker, and good fundraising receipts. Elections last month resulted in three incumbents being re-elected and one new member elected. Re-elected: Lenny Reeves, Sue Kern, Gerry Bill; new: Vic Bedoian.

10.        New business

A.         Resolution on First Voice Apprenticeship Program

Moved (L. Sawyer & F. Sterling).

Moved amendment (J. Kobren) to add at end: “and that the board should consider budgeting for this as it prepares its next budget.” Failed: 3Y, 12N, 2A.

On resolution: Approved: 18Y, 0N.

Moved (M. Hernandez): “Move to approve the LSB Treasurer to begin the budget process for KPFA in January 2014.” Moved (D. Welsh) to close debate; approved. Motion approved: 18Y, 0N.

B.         LSB 2014 schedule

Moved (C. Alderson) to meet second Saturday of each month, except when preceded or followed by holiday, when the meeting will be third Saturday. Specific dates: January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9, September 13, October 18, November 8, December 13.

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to strike August meeting. Approved: 9Y, 5N.

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to move December meeting to Dec. 6. Approved: 15Y, 0N, 1A.

On schedule as amended: Approved: 15Y, 0N.

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert) to set work goals for LSB meetings, as follows:

January: PNB elections
February: Financial priorities—brainstormin
March: Financial priorities—setting
April: 6-month financial review
June: Preliminary budget review
July: Final budget approval
September: manager evaluation

Moved amendment (B. Whipperman) to move 6-month financial review to May and leave April meeting open. Approved without objection.

On motion as amended: Approved: 18Y, 0N. There was consensus to schedule these items for 1pm as special orders of business.

C.         Development

Moved (B. Edwards-Tiekert): “Request a copy of GoalBusters’ contract and a report from our manager on their accomplishments to date and work plan for the remainder of the contract term, with hard numbers.” Approved unanimously.

Moved (J. Kobren): “Make development the special order of business during the April 2014 meeting.” Approved: 14Y, 1N.

Adjourned 1:38pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Alderson
LSB Secretary