KPFA Community Advisory Board Minutes for Sunday, January 11,

from 11:00 AM -1:00 PM at the Grassroots House, 2022 Blake Street in


CAB Members present:

Carol Wolfley

Judith Gips(facilitator)

Robin Collin

Steve Martinot

Rahman Jamaal

Mary Prophet

Jennifer Fazio

Community Members present:

Arthur Jacobs, Native News Online

Richard Becker, Answer Coalition

Donna Carter, phone room volunteer

Agenda and decisions

Brief introductions with names and one sentence each.

Community input time 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for visitors to speak with time divided equally among them and if more than 5 are present adjustments will be made as needed..

CAB – PROGRAMMER – COMMUNITY EVENT February 22 from 130 to 330 pm at Berkeley Public Library Finalize flyer, distribution and announcements

Decision Flyer finalized after fixing typo from to [email protected]

Review community and programmers invited and program format signs, name tags

Decisions on Program Format:

1. Begin with large circle, brief introductions

2. Small breakout groups based on topics that

3. Breakouts groups based on programs.

4. Have infrastructure in place for open network follow- up communication

Upcoming fund drive January 27, need community volunteer contact

Review The Community Advisory Board encourages the station to recruit, organize and establish a communication system through on the air carts and an email system to notify potential volunteers for events and the phone room.

Proposals from last meeting for CAB meetings format: timing of shares, community members input, and types of meetings. (Tabled to Feb. 8 meeting)

We will time shares during meetings for all present of 1 to 2 minutes each with possible CAB member agreements for time extensions

All present will have an opportunity to share on agenda items with CAB facilitation for staying on topic and honoring time agreements and calling on people who have raised their hands

A CAB member will take stack, tracking, the order in which people raise their hands and also prioritizing those who have not spoken before.

Information from LSB meetings,

Recruiting New CAB members, including youth and diversity 10 minutes

New Nomination Forms, to be edited for next meeting

Review postings and CAB page on the website,

CAB feedback forms, CAB email responses,

Upcoming monthly CAB meeting is scheduled for Sunday: February 8,  11 am to 1 pm at the – Grass Roots House at 2022 Blake Street in Berkeley.

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