Robert “Bob” Lee Baldock

Born April 30, 1937 in Dayton, Ohio – Died October 22, 2022 in Berkeley, California

Bob Baldock was many things to many people: a warrior in countless ways, a writer, an artist and raconteur. Bob lived his life by championing the deeds and needs of others, and through his efforts, he has left an indelible legacy that may never be matched. His passionate beliefs and stalwart being were an inspiration to all that knew him; his collaborative nature was a blessing to behold. Bob left this world after 85 years of good faith and selfless action and we are better for the time he spent with us all. Thank you, Bob for all that you gave to us as individuals and for all that you did to uplift our communities – you will never be forgotten.

– Kevin Hunsanger, KPFA Development Director

Fidel Castro with Bob Baldock in Cuba, 1958

KPFA Remembers Bob Baldock

For Bob Baldock

What does it take to give thirty years of your life to a radio

station’s mission to educate its listeners and provide a

platform for voices shunned by the mass media? It takes a

mighty spirit. A spirit that burns fiercely and is made stronger

through devotion to the work at hand. Bob is that spirit, a

charming man, with a self-deprecating sense of humor and an

appetite for literature and life.


For thirty years, Bob Baldock successfully produced KPFA’s

author events. Bob was a KPFA Vigilance Award Winner for his

passionate support, his hours of donating time to a series that

has help brand KPFA as an educational source in the Bay Area.

He created this valuable storytelling series that has always

boosted KPFA’s image.


We’ll miss his mentorship and counsel, yet I know that our

conversations about art, books and politics will linger. Bob was

also an excellent abstract painter and author. His

autobiographical novel “Wild Green Oranges” about his time with

Fidel Castro, during the Cuban Revolution is a great read. Do

yourself a favor and spend some quality time with Bob. This is a

sad moment for all of us at KPFA and Bob’s friends worldwide.


The station is losing a part of its heart and soul, but we should hang

on to the words of Bob’s friend Maya Angelou, who I always turn to when

a great soul dies.


After a period, peace blooms,

Slowly and always

Irregularly. Spaces fill

With a kind of

Soothing electric vibration.

Our senses, restored, never

To be the same, whisper to us.

He existed. He existed.

We can be. Be and be

Better, For Bob existed.


Rest in peace my friend.

Quincy McCoy

Bill McIver, Fidel Castro, Bob Baldock in Cuba, 1958

So sad to hear the news about Bob. I spoke with him for an hour in 2011 about his life and am sending along the link in case anyone is interested.

– Sasha Lilley

I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Bob in January 2022 for KPFA upon the release of Bob’s autobiographical novel, Wild Green Oranges about the time he spent fighting alongside Fidel Castro and his revolutionary army in the Sierra Maestra. Bob and I each spent many decades as booksellers before coming to KPFA, and we connected strongly over our love of books and the importance of personal liberties. I cherish the brief time that we spent together and I wish that there could have been more. Here is the link to our event together from January 2022.

– Kevin Hunsanger

For Bob Baldock (1937-2022)

Great heart,


Like so many others.

Your amazing life


All who know of it.

How many

Would have joined Castro

In the struggle

For the heart of Cuba?




Your stories alone

Would make for ten lives.

I remember once when we spoke

And a name came up

Of a figure well known locally

And loved.

You smiled and said,

“But he’s not a good poet.”

We were the only ones

Who knew.

– Jack Foley 

I’m very sad to hear this. Bob was a true warrior and will be always remembered. My heart and thoughts are with his family and those close to him.

¡Hasta siempre amigo!

– Miguel Guerrero