A Tribute to Ralph Carney (and the winter solstice) on The Hear and Now, 10 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 21

On the winter solstice, after a few appropriate songs for the changing of the seasons, host Derk Richardson will remember beloved man-of-all-reeds (and other instruments) Ralph Carney, who died last Saturday at the age of 61, after a fall at his home in Portland, Oregon.

The Akron, Ohio native, and San Francisco resident for 28 years, was perhaps best known for his work with Tom Waits. We’ll get to a couple of those songs tonight and try to squeeze in examples of Ralph’s playing with Tin Huey, Pluto, The Code, and Clarinet Thing, something from his solo albums and live recordings by his Serious Jass Project and Oranj Symphonette, plus unreleased music with Steve Horowitz, Lukas Ligeti, and Chris Frumkin.

There might also be a ticket giveaway to see Scott Amendola’s Orchestra di Pazzi at Slim’s.

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