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This drive we celebrate the launch of a new show at 8:00 am Monday – Thursday, Law & Disorder with host Cat Brooks and co-host/producer Jesse Strauss. Law & Disorder exposes the cracks in our system, agitates for resistance and collectively builds a new world where all of us thrive.
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PHOTO: Miguel Molina, Flashpoints senior producer, on the recent United Farm Worker’s 335 mile pilgrimage for workers rights. The Flashpoints team, walked along with La Onda Bajita and folks from the KPFA apprenticeship program documenting the voices on the march from Delano to Sacramento. 
SACRAMENTO, CA- 26AUGUST22- United Farm Workers members and supporters march to the capitol building in Sacramento, to demand that Governor Newsom sign a bill providing absentee ballots for farmworkers in union elections. Newsom vetoed the bill the same day. Miguel Molina.
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