Emily Jane White performs live on The Hear and Now, 10 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 14

On the eve of the release of her stunning new album, Immanent Fire, Oakland-based singer-songwriter Emily Jane White joins host Derk Richardson in the KPFA performance studio for a live concert broadcast and interview on The Hear and Now. She’ll be joined by electric guitarist John Courage as she sings and plays guitar, keyboard, and piano. Tony Ferro engineers.

White says: “I’ll talk about the themes that inspired this record such as climate change and the ‘war on immanence.’ I am tremendously grateful to debut my new album on this platform, and to talk about the political elements of my songs on a progressive radio station that does such important work.”

From White’s Talitres Records bio by Brooke Lober: “Honoring the sacred, the earthly, and all that is deemed feminine, even as these very elements are threatened with the violence of contemporary systems of power: patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism together conspire to ravage and to exploit natural world and its sacred beings, to subordinate women and other gendered people–the vanquishing of both the feminine and nature in and of itself. This is the dominant paradigm of modernity that feminist spiritual philosopher and witch Starhawk has named the ‘war on immanence.’ ”

Photo by Kristin Cofer

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