2023 Black History Month Special | Past Light, Clear Sight


11am: Conscious Music with Cheryl K
A thought provoking mix of music and spoken word, featuring an interview with vocalist Jean Carne

12-12:30pm: Cat Brooks speaks with George McCalman about his new book, “Illustrated Black History: Honoring the Iconic and the Unseen”. This conversation is an unexpected journey into Black culture

12:30-1pm: Sabrina Jacobs interviews Matt Scott of Project Drawdown, and shares his conversation with the super inspiring, climate super-hero Tonya Hicks

1pm: Afrikahn Jahmal Davys presents “Da Cotton Pickas”, a documentary about share cropping and its relevance today. He also  interviews the producer/director Robert “Fleetwood” Bowden, and takes us on a poetic musical journey

2pm: Walter Turner and Akinyele Umoja, author of “We Will Shoot Back”, delve into the history of Black resistance to extreme racism in America.

3pm: Idris Hassan offers a musical tribute to the soul of Black folks including spoken word and iconic voices.

4pm: From the Pacifica Radio Archives, we hear Dr Ivan Van Sertima elaborate on his journey into the awareness of “the colonization of the imagination” and how he discovered some little known facts about ancient Africa.

5pm: Davey D discusses AfroFuturism with Ras Ceylon, Osa Tyehimba, Kwadro Deterville and Selena Wilson. Their conversation shares insight into what it is, how it’s showing up and where it’s headed.