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NJ Police Kill Violence Interruptor Najee Seabrooks; Plus, 6-months of Law & Disorder – Fund Drive Special

We start today’s show with our weekly State Terror Roundup segment.

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Then, we go to Paterson, New Jersey, where less than a week ago, police killed violence interruptor Najee Seabrooks. Seabrooks was in his own apartment and allegedly having a mental health crisis – he himself worked with an organization called the Paterson Healing Collective, and he called his colleagues – who work as community-based violence interruptors – for support. Despite showing up and requesting from police to be able to intervene, police did not let members of the Healing Collective do so, and instead eventually stormed Seabrooks’ apartment in a raid that led to Seabrooks’ death. Our guests are Dr Liza Chowdhury, Executive Director of the Paterson Healing Collective along with Teddie Martinez, one of the Healing Collective members who was outside the apartment and attempting to intervene with his colleague in order to save his life from the police.

Learn more about Najee Seabrooks, w/ links to a petition and to donate:
Learn more about the Paterson Healing Collective:

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We cap off today’s show with a celebration of 6 months of Law & Disorder, featuring selections from some of our favorite interviews, featuring the voices of Imani Perry, Ericka Huggins, and George McCalman, as well as a Letter from the Inside

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