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Racism, Misogyny and Homophobia Entrenched in London Police; BLM in Court; Plus, Our Weekly State Terror Roundup

We’ll start with our weekly Thursday segment, the State Terror Roundup.

Then, we go to London, where a new report commissioned by the government has exposed deeply entrenched misogyny, racism and homophobia in the Metropolitan Police Force. The report was spawned from the conviction of an officer for the rape and murder of a 33-year old woman, and the report shows horrendous failures of public safety, from careless treatment of evidence in rape cases, to officers neglecting to file reports because they don’t believe their own reporting system work. A muslim officer found bacon shoved in his boots, and a sikh officer’s beard was cut by other officers. Our guest is James Brownsell, a freelance journalist and former managing editor of The New Arab and an editor at Al Jazeera English. His latest piece is an op-ed for the Middle East Eye, headlined: London’s Metropolitan Police must be disbanded.

Read James Brownsell’s latest op-ed here:

Then we go to Los Angeles, where Black Lives Matter Grassroots is in court against the BLM Global Foundation with claims that the Global Foundation improperly took control of financial and online assets, locking grassroots organizers out. Our guest is Melina Abdullah, a professor of pan-African studies at Cal State Los Angeles, as well as the co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Grassroots.

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