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Unheralded Leaders of the Black Power Movement; Plus, Our Resistance in Residence Artist is Candice Wicks-Davis

The Black Power movement, often associated with its iconic spokesmen, derived much of its energy from the work of people whose stories have never been told. Stayed On Freedom brings into focus two unheralded Black Power activists who dedicated their lives to the fight for freedom. Zoharah Simmons and Michael Simmons fell in love while organizing tenants and workers in the South. Their commitment to each other and to social change took them on a decades-long journey that traversed first the country and then the world. Their story is now documented in a new book called Stayed On Freedom: The Long History of Black Power through One Family’s Journey. Today, we are joined by the book’s author, Dan Berger, along Zoharah Simmons and Michael Simmons themselves.

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Our Resistance in Residence Artist this week is educator, entrepreneur and musician Candice Wicks-Davis.

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