International Women's Day

IWD 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM Lisa Dettmer: IWD Around the World

In this hour we will learn about the radical socialist herstory of International Women’s Day with two American scholars, Eillen Boris, Professor at U.C. Santa Barbara, and Professor Premilla Nadasen from Barnard College. While IWD doesn’t generate mass marches anymore in the U.S., Women’s Day is still an important day for protest and celebration in many places around the world.  Host Lisa Dettmer talks to feminist activists around the world who speak about the importance of  Women’s Day marches against gender violence and patriarchy in their countries.

Guests include Pregs Govender, South African Feminist human rights activist and author of Love and Courage, A Story of Insubordination ; Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng, United Nations Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur and medical doctor with expertise advocating for universal health access, HIV care, youth friendly services and family planning in South Africa; Karen Tanada, Executive Director of Gaston Z. Ortigas Peace Institute in the Philippines, and Lulu V Barrera, Feminist activist and human rights defender based in Mexico City. Lulú founded and currently leads Luchadoras, a Feminist NGO that explores the intersections between gender, technologies and human rights, and works for an Internet free of violence against women. She is part of the National Network of Women Human Right Defenders in Mexico and the Latinamerican Network of Political Innovation.