International Women's Day

IWD 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM Christina Aanestad: Feisty Female Folktales

Feisty Female Folktales, an anthology of international children’s stories adapted by activist and
performance artist Sherry Glaser with original music by David. M Brown and Johnny Qwest Hubel.
Unanana and the Elephant” is a Zulu folktale from South Africa. Voices featured are: Sheba Love. Joe
Seta, Lavender Grace Cinnamon, Robert Permenter, Gabee Permenter & Bridget Volk.
“The Legend of Knockmany” is an Irish folktale from the mid 1800’s. Voices featured are: Sheba Love,
Robert Permenter, & W. Dan Houck.
Kupti and Imani” is an Indian folk tail from the Punjab region. Voices include Sheba Love, Joe Seta,
Ken Krouse, Andrea Shafir, Human Kind, Lavender Grace Cinnamon, & Marylyn MotherBear Scott.
Clever Manka” is a Czechoslovakian folktale, featuring the voices of Ken Krouse, W. Dan Houck, Toni
Orans, Oasis Darryl Hasten, Isaak Youngblood, Sheba Love & Lavender Grace Cinnamon.