September 2010 LSB Meeting Records

The meeting was held on September 11, 2010 11am-4pm at the South Berkeley Library.

1. Call to Order [11:10am]
Meeting was called to order by the Chair.

Pamela Drake, Matt Hallinan, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, John Van Eyck, Dan Siegel, Tracy Rosenberg, Akio Tanaka, Shahram Aghamir, Anthony Fest, Simon Pius, Chandra Hauptman, Sasha Futran, Andrea Prichett, Joe Wanzala, Renee Yang-Geesler, Sureya Sayadi, Sherry Gendelman, Andrea Turner, Rych Withers, Conn Hallinan, Laura Prives

2. Excusing Absent Members [11:15am]
Banafsheh Akhlaghi, Henry Norr, Naji Ali, Susan McDonough, Warren Marr

3. Announcements [11:24am]

4. September Agenda Review and Approval [11:38am]
Motion to urge KPFA to host debate that includes third parties. [Sureya Sayadi] [Failed 8Y-9N-1A]

Motion to restore the item regarding proceeds from SaveKPFA benefit. [Sasha Futran]
No motion needed.

Motion to make time scheduled binding. [Brian Edwards-Tiekert]
[Passed 11Y-4N]

Motion to approve agenda as amended
[Passed 7Y-6N]

5. Next LSB Meeting [11:44am]
Next LSB meeting will be October 16, location TBD
[Passed 14Y-3N]

6. August Minutes Approval [11:48am]
Motion to pass August 14 meeting minutes [Tracy]

Amendment to add text of the Program Council motion to the minutes [Brian Edwards-Tiekert]
[Passed 10Y-9A]

The minutes with Program Council motions are posted on the website.

7. Public Comments [11:53am]
Ruthanne Shipner, Virginia Browning, Daniel Borgstrom, Max Blanchett

8. CAB Report [12:02pm]
Nancy Pollin handed out the CAB report.
Steve Martinot went through the survey process and progress.
[CAB report posted separately.]

9. Treasurer Report [12:48pm]
Simon Pius handed out the financial report and gave a summary.
[Treasurer report posted separately.]

Break [15 min]

10. KFCF Report [1:52pm]
Rych Withers reported that KFCF has a balanced budget.

11. LSB Committee Report [1:57pm]
Personnel- Committee had narrowed GM candidates to two candidates.

Outreach- Have been handing out flyers and various events.

Fundraising- Andrea suggested having special meeting to discuss fundraising project. November 6.

[Akio Tanaka and Matt Hallinan to help organize]

12. PNB Report [2:15pm]
KPFK has defamation suit from anti-Moslem group. This should be covered by insurance.

13. PNB Finance Committee [2:26pm]
KPFT has approved budget, KPFK is close.
WBAI, KPFA holding up.
PNB will act on budget by October 13.

14. Unfinished Business [2:30pm]
Program Council Community Rep selection process.
Motion for Program Committee to come up with an outreach plan [BET]
Amendment [Tracy Rosenberg] [Failed 9Y-10N]
Brian’s main motion [Passed 10Y-7N-2A]

STV vote to elect LSB members on PC. Motion to postpone to next meeting [BET] [Passed 10Y-2N-7A]

Motion to check with FCC counsell regarding LSB to make program decisions [Dan Siegel]
[Passed 11Y-5N-3A]