October 2006 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, October 21 12:00 – 4:00PM
at New College, North Bay Campus
99 – 6th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Submitted by Mary Berg

12:50AM: Meeting called to order.

11:24am: Introductions and Announcements. Present for all or part of the meeting: Mary Berg (MB), Max Blanchet (Max), Brian Edwards-Tiekert (BET), Riva Enteen (RE), Sherry Gendelman (SG), Annie Hallatt (AH), Chandra Hauptman (CH), Sepideh Khosrowjah (SK), Jane Jackson (JJ), Attila Nagy (AN), Rosalinda Montes Palacios (RMP), Richard Phelps (RP), Sarv Randhawa (Sarv), Willie Ratcliff (WR), Bonnie Simmons (BS), Marnie Tattersall (MT), Joe Wanzala (JW), William Walker (WW), LaVarn Williams (LW), Stan Woods (SW).

Absent: Howard Beeman, Mark Hernandez, Miguel Molina, Lisa Rothman, Debbie Speer.

SK moved to excuse all absences. MB 2nd. Bet objected; SK explained reasons for each. BET withdrew his objection. Motion approved without objection.

1:00pm: Review/Approve Agenda: SW raised POO. Wanted 8/20/06 vote on Item R (“Resolved, that the order of business in the Agenda Template used by the KPFA LSB shall be adopted as a special rule”, passed 8-3) ruled OOO, as “wasn’t passed by the appropriate majority”. Chair sustained POO, claiming 9 votes were in fact needed. WW raised POO. Wasn’t present, thinks it should be brought back to the board. RP: can be added today, as new business. BET challenged Chair’s earlier ruling. RP: a rule that has continuing effect can be challenged at any time. WR calls question. SK 2nd. Vote to sustain Chair’s ruling: 11 yes, 8 no. Ruling sustained.

AN moved that Item I-A (to establish limits on Program Council powers and authority) of “Unfinished Business” immediately follow public comment. BET objects. Vote: 10 yes, 7 no, 1 abstain. Passed.

BET moved to put Item I-W at top of “Unfinished Business”. Approved without objection.

WW moved to put it immediately after public comment. SK objected. SK moved to end debate.

1:21. Vote: yes 12, no 7. Failed. Debate continued. RE: called question. Vote on WW’s motion: yes 4, no 12. Failed.

1:31pm: Agenda approved as amended.

1:32pm: Approval of Minutes: Max moves to approve minutes of 8/20/06. Approved yes 14, 0 no, 3 abstentions.

9/16 minutes: BET moved to strike all content under “public comment”. Debate ensued.

Vote: yes 7, no 12. Motion failed. 9/16 minutes approved without objection.

1:41pm: Consent Calendar: Next meeting date. (Pulled, then moved by WW.)

The regular KPFA LSB meeting will take place Saturday,
November 18, 2006 at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, starting at 11AM.

Approved except for objection by JJ which she wished to register in minutes.

1:45-2:15pm: Public Comment.

2:15pm. Motion to establish limits on the powers and authority of the KPFA Program Council [JW] as amended 9/16/06:

Resolved: It is beyond the powers of the Program Council to determine that any program producer is ineligible to have proposed programs reviewed for airtime based on alleged misconduct. The Program Council’s role is to review proposed and current programs to see if they are appropriate for the station based on our Mission.

This motion will nullify the Program Council’s decision to impose a one-year moratorium on entertaining proposals from the Labor Collective.

BET moved to divide. Approved without objection. Debate ensued. Vote to end debate: yes 11, no 6. Chair voted to end debate, thus 12-6. Passed.

2:40pm. Roll-call vote on 1st part, to limit the powers and authorities of Program Council:

Yes: Max, BET, RE, CH, SK, AN, JJ. Sarv, WR, BS, MT, JW, LW, SW.

No: MB, AH.


PASSED 14-2. Debate proceeded on the 2nd part (“This motion will nullify the Program Council’s decision to impose a one-year moratorium on entertaining proposals from the Labor Collective”).

3:25. Yes: RE, JJ. No: HB, MB, Max, BET, AH, CH, SK, AN, RMP, Sarv, WR, BS, MT, JW, LW, SW. FAILED 2-16.


3:35pm. Treasurer’s Report.

There was general discussion of need for more outreach.

iGM Report. The report was not available electronically to the notetaker at this time. It will be appended to these minutes as soon as it can be made available.

4:21. MT moved to adjourn. PASSED without objection.


Note by mb: Unfortunately, the meeting could not be webcast and there is apparently no audio recording available to date.

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