November 2010 LSB Meeting Records

November 21, 2010

The meeting was held on November 6, 2010 2pm-4pm at the Berkeley Senior Center.

1. Call to Order [2:15pm]

Meeting was called to order by the Chair.
Richard Phelps, Pamela Drake, Sasha Futran, Sherry Gendelman, Conn Hallinan, Matt Hallinan, Chandra Hauptman, Warren Mar, Susan McDonough, Henry Norr, Andrea Prichett, Tracy Rosenberg, Dan Siegel, Akio Tanaka, Andrea Turner, John Van Eyck, Joe Wanzala, Shahram Aghamir, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Anthony Fest, Laura Prives, Sureya Sayadi

2. Excusing Absent Members [2:18pm]

Renee Yang-Geesler, Rych Withers

3. Announcements [2:19pm]

4.November Agenda Review and Approval [2:23pm]

Motion to move item 10,11, 12 after Public Comment [Brian Edwards-Tiekert]
Amendment to move item 12 only [Chandra Hauptman]
[Failed 9Y-11N]
Main Motion
[Passed 11Y-6N-3A]
Motion to make Program Council time specific at 3:15pm [Chandra Hauptman]
[Failed 9Y-11N]
Motion to make PNB report and LSB Committee each 20 minutes [Tracy Rosenberg]
[Failed 9Y-11N]

5. Next LSB Meeting [2:35pm]

Motion to hold the meeting on December 4 [Conn Hallinan]
Passed without objection
November Delegates meeting for Pacifica Bylaws Amendment was deferred.

6.September Minutes Approval [2:49pm]

Passed without objection

7. Public Comments [2:53pm]

Charlene Woodcock, Margy Wilkinson, Felipe Messina, Mara Rivera, Daniel Borgstrom, Max Blanchet, Jane White
Vote on ruling of chair to uphold Chandra advisory motion
[ Failed 8 Yes-Richard Phelps, Sasha Futran, Chandra Hauptman, Henry Norr, Tracy Rosenberg,
Sureya Sayadi, Akio Tanaka, Shahram Aghamir
11 No-Pamela Drake, Sherry Gendelman, Conn Hallinan, Matt Hallinan, Warren Mar, Susan McDonough,
Dan Siegel, Andrea Turner, John Van Eych, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Laura Prives]

to extend time for PNB report by 10 minutes [Brian Edwards Tiekert]
[Passed 11Y-8N]

to disapprove PNB action without appropriate consultation of KPFA LSB [Dan Siegel]
[Passed 11Y-6N]

8.Unfinished Business


9. New Business


10. KFCF Report
Rych Withers was absent.

11. LSB Committee Report [3:10pm]

Personnel Committee [Sasha Futran]
New GM will be announced, still searching for Program Director.
Sasha also resigned from the committee.
Motion to elect new committee member [Brian Edwards-Tiekert]
Conn Hallinan [11-elected]
Richard Phelps [9]
Outreach Committee [Andrea Pritchett]
Next tabling opportunity will be at the Greenfest.

12. PNB Report [3:44pm]

Motion to have programs that are reporting on the financial situation of KPFA to give equal time to alternative views [Chandra Hauptman]


13. Adjourn
Adjourned at 4:20.