November 2004 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting minutes November 6th, 2004:


Regular Meeting of the KPFA Local Station Board

November 6, 2004 at the Freight and Salvage Coffee House, Berkeley

Minutes were recorded by Eric Park, KPFA Morning Show Assistant Producer.

Members present constituting a quorum: Gerald Sanders, Willie Ratcliff, Riva Enteen, Bonnie Simmons, Marnie Tattersall, Mary Berg, Ted Friedman, Steve Conley, Michael Lubin, Max Pringle, Fadi Saba, Max Blanchet, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Jane Jackson, Howard Beeman, Sarv Randhawa, Anne Hallat, William Walker, Mark Hernandez, LaVarn Williams, Willie Thompson

Absent: Miguel Molina, Lisa Rothman, Debbie Speer, Carol Spooner

Meeting commences at 1:25pm.

I. Introductions and Announcements

LSB Chair, Riva Enteen convened the meeting and the Board members introduced themselves and mentioned recent KPFA programs and content that they appreciated and resented during the last week.

II. Vote to excuse members’ absences

Motion to excuse absences of Miguel Molina, Lisa Rothman, Debbie Speer and Carol Spooner.

Passes without objection.

III. Review/Approve Agenda

Michael Lubin moves to amend the agenda by moving the Election Committee report to follow public comment.


Passes without objection.

Steve Conley moves to strike the COI report by Robin Candace since she is unable to be present.


Passes without objection.

Bonnie Simmons moves to place agenda item 11 after item 7.

Seconded. Debate ensued.

11 in favor, 2 against, 2 abstentions. Motion passes.

Motion by Mary Berg to accept the agenda as amended.


Passes without objection.

IV. Review/Approve Minutes of Meetings of 10/23

Motion by Fadi Saba to approve the minutes of 10/23.

Seconded. Debate ensued.

13 in favor, 0 against, 2 abstentions. Motion passes

V. Public Comment

Begins at 1:50pm

Ends at 2:11pm

VI. KPFA Election Committee

Nicole Milner presents the KPFA Election Committee report.

LSB members express concerns and ask questions about the election campaign and coverage of the election to Nicole Milner. Max Blanchet, as a member of the committee, helped Nicole answer some of the questions.

Questions and answers continue.

Willie Ratcliff moves to table remaining questions until the next meeting on 12/18.

6 in favor, 7 against. Motion fails. 

Mark Hernandez moves to reconsider the previous vote on grounds that candidates should have recused themselves from the voting.

12 in favor, 7 against. 2/3 needed. Motion fails.

Motion by Gerald Sanders: Whereas the LSB quite properly demands a higher standard of transparency than the U.S. government in ballot count for elections, we call for the following:

1.      We want outside observers on the ballot count

2.      The reading of the ballots and the entering of the data into a computer for the STV results will not be conducted by Bar codes.  This will be conducted as it was in the last election.

3.      All ballots including envelopes must be stored for audit and possible hand count.

4.      All ballots must be archived based on industry standards.  That means, they go to L.A. (Pacifica Archives).


Amendment to motion by Max Blanchet to exclude item 2.


Gerald accepts this amendment.

Steve Conley moves to amend the main motion by excluding items 3 and 4 because they are already in the bylaws and therefore redundant.

Substitute motion by Mark Hernandez: That the LSB requires of the National Elections Supervisor that the opening and tabulation of the ballots be open to outside observers.

Seconded. Debate ensues.

Michael Lubin moves to end debate.

13 in favor, 2 against, 1 abstention. Debate ended.

Vote on substitute motion.

12 in favor, 3 against. Substitute motion passes.

Steve Conley moves to discuss the Outreach Committee which urgent.

Steve defers to LaVarn so she can present the treasurer’s report.

VII. Treasurer’s Report

LaVarn Williams presents the treasurer’s report and reviews LSB expenses, income, and fund drives.

Motion to adjourn.

Passes without objection.

Steve Conley announces that because his urgent Outreach Committee matters were not discussed, he will move forward with recognition of people involved in the Town Hall.

Meeting adjourns at 3:47pm.

 Submitted by Ted Friedman, LSB Secretary

Approved by KPFA LSB on December18, 2004