May 2008 LSB Meeting Records

Fr:Susan McDonough
Re:Approved Minutes from May 10, 2008 LSB & Delegates’ Meeting
Held at the Freight & Salvage, 1111 Addison, Berkeley, 12:45pm-4:15pm
Dt:May 30, 2008

1: Call to Order
Akio Tanaka, Andrea Turner, Anthony Fest, Bonnie Simmons, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Conn Hallinan, Dianne Enriquez, Henry Norr, Joe Wanzala, Lewis Sawyer, Matthew Hallinan, PhoeBe Anne, Sarv Randhawa, Sasha Futran, Shahram Aghamir, Sherry Gendelman, Susan McDonough, Tico Chacin, Tracy Rosenberg, Warren Mar

2: Introductions and Announcements

3: Absent LSB Members Excused:
Sureya Sayadi, Chandra Hauptman, Naji Ali were excused.

4: Agenda Review and Approval
Motion to approve agenda, seconded and passed unanimously.

5: Minutes Review and Approval
Motion made and seconded to accept minutes from 4/19/08 meeting.  Unanimous approval.
It was agreed that minutes will reflect next meeting location, date and hour.

6: Consent Calendar
Item #1 pulled from Consent, then motion made to approve, second, passed unanimously.  June LSB meeting will be held June 14, 2008, 11am-4pm at Café de la Paz, 1600 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.

7: Public Comment
Speakers: Marcia Rautenstrauch, Jim Weber, Mary Berg.

8: General Manager’s Report
BET moved to table the remainder of the GM’s report until the LSB completed the fundraising committee report. Moved and seconded to table the discussion.  Yes: 11, No:7.  Approved.

9: Treasurer’s Report

10: Committee Reports:  GM Hire, Governance, Fundraising
KPFA LSB Fundraising Plan – BET
The motion was made by Brian Edwards Tiekert and seconded:  if the LSB approves the following plan, we will pass out the pledge forms to the LSB.  Vote called, no objections.

1. Goal. The LSB adopts a goal of raising $25,000 this fiscal year, with the following objectives:
A. Raise a total of $200 per board member ($5,000 total) by May 20th, to offer as matching gifts during the Spring fundraising marathon.
B. Collectively raise an additional $7500 by July 15th, to be used as match money during the summer fundraising marathon.
C. Collectively raise an additional $12,500 by September 15th, to be used as match money during the fall fundraising marathon.

2. Methods: The fundraising committee will organize the LSB to pursue three fundraising methods for LSB members:
A. Direct asks. Ask your friends and associates to pledge to KPFA. We will provide you pledge cards.
B. New member drives. Sign up new members for KPFA at any pledge amount — ask your friends one-on-one, or pass around pledge cards at your union, congregation, affinity group, etc. We will ask you to set a goal for the number of new members you intend to sign up this year.
C.  House parties. Invite a number of people who care about KPFA, or should care about KPFA, to the home of yourself or a friend. You provide food and drinks. If you like, KPFA will provide someone to talk about the station’s work and plans. Pass the hat at the end of the event.

The fundraising committee will distribute sheets for each Local Station Board member to document their fundraising objectives: the number of new members each intends to sign up, the number of people each intends to directly ask for money, whether or not each board member intends to organize a house party. Then fundraising committee members will follow up with each board member over the course of the year to see how they’re doing at meeting their objectives, and what help they need following through.

The following LSB members signed up to participate in the above mentioned fundraising efforts:
Sarv Randhawa                Dianne Enriquez                Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Conn Hallinan                Warren Mar                Sherry Gendelman
Lewis Sawyer                Akio Tanaka                Ernesto Chacin
Phoebe ANNE                Matthew Hallinan            Andrea Turner
Bonnie Simmons                Susan McDonough

NOTE:  For those of you who took pledge cards with you at the last meeting: please drop completed cards with Brian at the station (leave them in his box in the news room).
GM Hire:  Conn Hallinan gave an update on the GM Hire Committee.

11: KFCF Report – No report was given as the KFCF Rep was absent.
Special Order 2:30pm Proposed Bylaws Amendment re: meeting schedule – Delegates Meeting
Motion to discuss By Law Amendment – continued from April LSB meeting.
Draft resolution:  Proposed Bylaws Amendment re: meeting schedule – Delegates Meeting

WHEREAS Pacifica is currently experiencing very serious financial difficulties; and
WHEREAS the Foundation Bylaws currently require four in-person board meetings each calendar year; and
WHEREAS each in-person PNB meeting have cost the Foundation an average of $55,000  when minimal numbers of staff have flown in, and an average of $75,000 when all General Managers and Pacifica staff have flown in; and
WHEREAS the average cost for a three-hour telephonic Board meeting is $150; and
WHEREAS the Bylaws prohibit the use of expense-saving telephonic and video screen “regular meetings” of the Pacifica National Board;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the KPFA Local Station Board recommend to the Pacifica National Board that Article Six of the Foundation, Bylaws be amended to read as follows:

The “Annual Meeting” of the Board of Directors shall take place in late January each year, or at such other time and place as agreed to by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board shall also meet in person no fewer than three other times each year, unless by a two-thirds vote, the Board determines that financial or other emergency conditions require canceling one of the other three meetings. In the event that such an in-person meeting is cancelled, the Board shall arrange for a telephonic and/or electronic meeting that includes provisions for public comment during the meeting by broadly accessible means. In-person board meetings shall rotate among
the five Foundation radio station signal areas except when the board determines by a two-thirds vote that financial or other emergency conditions require a modification in the rotation order. Each signal area shall host an in-person board meeting at least once during any 24-month period but no more than once in any 12-month period; and

The Board may hold [delete “special meetings, but not regular”] meetings by telephone conference, video screen communication or other communications equipment, provided, however, that telephone appearance at meetings scheduled as “in-person” meetings is not permitted.
Participation in a telephonic meeting under this Section shall constitute presence at the meeting if all of the following apply:
A. Each Director participating in the meeting can communicate concurrently with all other Directors.
B. Each Director is provided the means of participating in all matters for the Board, including the capacity to propose, or to interpose an objection to, a specific action to be taken by the Foundation.
C. The Board has a means of verifying that the person participating at the meeting is a Director and that all votes cast during said meeting are cast only by Directors.
Motion made and seconded; after debate and discussion, the question was called.Vote was Yes- 11; No-7:, Abs-1.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn the Delegates meeting and resume the LSB meeting.
Discussion of Item 10, Committee Report, continued.  Discussion of Pacifica Budget Priorities List, with a motion by Brian Edwards Tiekert and seconded to agree to eliminate all ranking on said list and submit as a wish list to Pacifica.  No objections to the motion.  Passes unanimously.
Special Order 3:30pm Executive Session: Personnel Issue

Meeting Adjourned at 4:15pm
approved LSB Minutes may 10 ‘08 mtg

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