May 2006 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting minutes May 20th, 2006: Approved Minutes

KPFA Local Station Board

Minutes 20 May 2006

Regular Meeting

Freight & Salvage Coffee Shop

1111 Addison

Berkeley, California

Meeting is called to order at 11:15AM

Introductions and Announcements

Richard Phelps (RP), Chair


Brian Edwards-Teikert (BET) Willie Ratcliff (WR)

Sarv Randhawa (SR) Rosalinda Montes Palacios (RMP)

Howard Beeman (HB) Sherry Gendelman (SG

William Walker (WW) Bonnie Simmons (BS)

Mary Berg (MyB) Joseph Wanzala (JW)

Attila Nagy (AN) Annie Hallatt (AH)

Stan Woods (SW) Sepideh Khosrowjah (SK)

Max Blanchet (MxB) LaVarn Williams (LW)

Debbie Speer (DS) Chandra Hauptman (CH)

Mark Hernandez (MH)


Riva Enteen (RE) Eric Park (EP)

Lisa Rothman (LR) Jane Jackson (JJ)

Marnie Tattersall (MT)

MxB moves to excuse RE and MT.

MyB moves to excuse JJ and Lisa.

SG moves to excuse EP.

SW moves to divide (i.e., vote on each motions separately).


Vote to excuse RE and MT: PASS w/o objection.

Vote to excuse JJ and Lisa: PASS w/o objection.

Vote to excuse EP: PASS: 12 Y/4 N.


SR moves to approve agenda as is.

Chair states that under “Unfinished Business”, items H, I, J and K are

in reverse order, and that these typoes in the agenda needed to be

corrected before approval.

BET objects.

Chair rules BET out of order.

BET appeals ruling of chair.

Vote to uphold chair’s ruling: 6 Y/8 N.

Chair overruled.

Discussion on approval of agenda ensues.

MxB moves to approve that agenda order was not carried over from the

previous meeting.

WR moves disciplinary motions (items H, I, J and T) be dropped from agenda.

SW requests roll call vote.

PASS W/o objection.

SG calls question.

Vote to end debate: 12 yes, 4 no. Debate ends.

Vote on motion to drop Items H, I, J and T:

12 Y: MB, Sarv, WR, RMP, HB, SG, WW, BS, MH, AH, DS, BET.

7 N: JW, AN, CH, SW, LW, SK, Max. PASS 12 Y/7 N.

Agenda approved by unanimous consent as amended.

WR offers motion to be included in the agenda.

BET moves to suspend the rules to place this new business to be

discussed immediately after break. PASS w/o objection.


Minutes are distributed late due to late arrival of secretary.

BET moves to place adoption of the minutes at 3PM as an Order of the Day,

in order to give members a chance to read. PASS w/o objection.


JW objects to item 2, placed under New Business.

Item 1 is for the LSB to meet 6/17 at the Freight & Salvage, starting at 11AM.

Consent Calendar as amended passes.



Treasurer’s Report

As provided (submitted report).

iGM Report:

As provided (submitted report).

================== BREAK ============== Reconvene at 1:30PM

Call to order from break at 1:37PM.


Program Director Hire Committee Report

No written report provided.

GM Hire Committee Report

No written report provided.

Personnel Committee

BET: WR is chair. No quorum, has not properly met.

BET points out that the motion to resolve the Katrina motion

by WR. However, WR is not in attendance at this time.

BET moves to suspend the rules and bring the Special Order of

the Day (Minutes) at this point. PASS w/o objection.


MyB moves to accept the minutes of 2/18. BET moves to amend by striking

the narrative from Treasurer and General Manager reports and replace with

report provided; accepted w/o objection. LW questions inclusion of

members who were late. PASS as amended w/o objection.

LW moves to strike “late” column from minutes; amended w/o objection.

RP indicates need to correct intials and change RMP/RP: RP is Richard

Phelps, RMP is Rosalinda Montes Palacios; amended w/o objection. BET

moves to strike narratives from minutes on Treasurer, GM and Program

Director reports; amended w/o objection. PASS as amended w/o objection.

Minutes of 4/22 minutes are postponed until audio can be obtained.

BET moves to Suspend the Rules to deal with Old Business as WR is not yet

in attendance for the Katrina motion. Motion to be taken up on his



Procedural Issues [MyB]

MyB points out that the items in the agenda have been on the agenda

for over six months and are no longer relevant. MyB moves to Postpone

Indefinitely. PASS w/o objection.


WR presents motion to start a sixth Pacifica radio station in the

New Orleans/East Texas area, and requests this motion be sent to

all other Pacifica stations.

CH presents argument as a substitute motion.

BET raises a point of order that there is no language for a motion.

Chair rules motion is out of order.

BET presents amendments to motion to include specific language and


JW requests “of Americans” be stricken.

MH proposes inclusion of Pacifica Affiliate and Associate stations

as additional options to be built.

Amendments accepted w/o objection. Motion reads as follows:

“Be it resolved that KPFA and Pacifica will play a pivotal role in the

human rights struggle by giving voice to the tens of thousands in the

Katrina/Rita diaspora, and reporting on policy shifts and available

resources, and endeavouring to launch a new Pacifica-Owned Radio Station,

Pacifica Affiliate Station or Pacifica Associate Station in New Orleans

and supporting the production of live programs that reach evacuees/survivors

in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana, Mississppi, and Texas; and via

Pacifica affiliates, nationwide, through taped programs, podcasts, etc.”

CH: Substitution made, withdrawn by consent of LSB

BET moves to adjourn. PASS w/o objection.

Adjourn at 3PM.

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