March 2005 LSB Meeting Records

MINUTES as Approved 6/11/05
KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, MARCH 19, 2005, at 0:00 AM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House1111 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

Meeting called to order at 9:18AM.

Mark Hernandez is seated on the board after the acknowledgment of CarolSpooner’s letter of resignation.

Present for all or part of the meeting: Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Ted Friedman, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Haupman, Mark Hernandez, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Atilla Nagy, Rosalinda Montes Palacios, Richard Phelps, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff, Lisa Rothman, Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Debbie Speer, Marni Tattersall, Joe Wanzala, LaVarn Williams. Roy Campanella, GM.

Absent: Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Riva Enteen (both excused), Eric Park, William Walker.

A quorum is recognized.

Intros and announcements:

Ted Friedman presents a Statement of Gratitude to Carol Spooner from KPFA LSB. Discussion and corrections. Motion is passed to move this item to “New Business” (item 10 on the agenda).

Max announces he must leave at 10:45.

9:30AM: Vote to excuse members’ absences: Riva Enteen for car and logistic trouble; Brian Edwards Tiekert for his surgery. Motion to excuse these two absences passes unanimously.

9:32AM: Approve agenda:

Chandra objects that her proposed disability resolution is not on agenda. Due to the time comstraint’s of this meeting, it will be added as old business next month.

Sarv moves to move #4 in Item 8 (Unfinished Business) to #1. Moves to move GM report before public comment. Passes unanimously. Chandra proposes GM report should regularly precede public comment. Agreed.

Motion to approve the agenda as amended is passed with objection.

9:35AM: Consent Calendar: The following GovCom Items were pulled and moved to “New Business”:

1. Job Description #b: Pay attention to board composition

Lead in assessing current and anticipated needs related to board composition, determining the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence, and access to resources the board will need to consider to accomplish future work of the board.

Develop a profile of the board as it should evolve over time.

Identify potential board member candidates and explore their interest and availability for board sevice.

2. Committee participation will be facilitated by use of a speaker-phone wherever possible.

3. Proposed Additions to LSB meeting attendance policy:

Absent an emergency, anyone who cannot attend must notify the secretary in advance. Otherwise, absence will not be excused.

If after 6 meetings, a member’s attendance falls below 50%, the LSB will assess the membership status of that person. Removal would be by 2/3 vote.

Consent Calendar Items Approved:

1. GovCom Job Description (from May 2004):

The governance committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality of the LSB. The work of the committee revolves around four major areas:

a) Help create board roles and responsibilities

  1. Lead the board in regularly reviewing and updating the board’s description of its roles and areas of responsibility and what is expected of individual board members.
  2. Assist the board in periodically updating and clarifying the primary areas of focus for the board, and help shape the board’s agenda for the next year or two, based on the strategic plan.

c)    Encourage board development


  1. Provide candidates with an interest in running for election with information needed prior to election to the board.
  2. Design and oversee a process of board orientation, sharing information needed during the early stages of board service.
  3. Design and implement an ongoing program of board information, education, and team building.

d)    Assess board effectiveness


  1. Initiate periodic assessment of the board’s performance, and propose, as appropriate, changes in the board structure and operations.
  2. Provide ongoing counsel to the board chair and other board leaders on steps they might take to enhance board effectiveness.
  3. Regularly review the board’s practices regarding member participation, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and so on, and suggest needed improvements.
  4. Periodically review and update the board policy and practices.

2. Participation on LSB Committees (from May, 2004):

Every LSB member should participate in the work of at least one committee, which may include the PNB or its national c committees.

The GovCom recommends that each committee establish and maintain attendance records of all meetings.

9:38AM: Approval of 2/26/05 Minutes: Ted Friedman moves to approve the minutes. Seconded. Chandra objects, moves to amend the minutes to include her disability resolution in the 2/26 minutes. Motion dies for lack of a second.

Bonnie Simmons moves to table approval until the recording can be listened to. Seconded. Discussion. Chandra rescinds her challenge. Bonnie Simmons’ motion is unanimously opposed. Minutes approved, with one abstention.

9:40AM: GM Report (not available electronically for inclusion in the minutes):

9:55AM: Motion to extend the time by 5 minutes, seconded. Motion passes.

10:05AM: Chandra Hauptman moves that the CAB be an interim body and that it comply with CPB requirements to file a report by March 31; and that a subcommittee of LSB be formed after March 31st to participate and identify additional members to the CAB. Ted seconds. Discussion. Sarv calls the question. 12 in favor, 4 against. Debate ends. Vote on Chandra’s motion: 7 for , 9 against, 3 abstentions. Motion fails.

10:10AM: Public Comment: Concludes at 10:20, as there are no more people who wish to speak.

10:20AM: Ted moves the agenda. All in favor except 1 opposed and 1 abstention. Motion passes.


  Resolution of Appreciation to the KPFA Community (from 2/26): “The KPFA LSB wants to express its appreciation and admiration to the staff,  volunteers and listener-sponsors of KPFA on the success of the February Fund Drive. Their hard work, creativity and dedication to the principles of freedom of the airwaves keep our wonderful station and its noble mission strong.” Approved unanimously.

Marnie moves that a cart be made. Passes unanimously. Eric Klein volunteers to help with the cart.

10:25AM: COI Resolution #1: Record-Keeping Resolution 1/29/05.

Be it Resolved: As of January 29, 2005, the KPFA Local Station Board (LSB) shall retain all application materials, paper and electronic, and all records of the process related to the most recent General Manager search and all future search and/or hiring processes of the LSB. These materials shall be retained in a secure archive for a minimum of 10 years. In addition, a set of copies of all application materials with names removed or blanked out shall be made and retained in the same archive. The Chair of the Committee of Inclusion, and designees of the Chair, shall have unlimited access to the set of copies with names removed, and to the records of the process, in order to assemble and analyze statistics related to diversity and inclusion in the search and hiring process.

Discussion. Mark moves that the resolution be referred back to the COI. Passes without objection.

10:40AM: Motion by LaVarn to call a special meeting to take up the agenda items tabled today, for either Saturday 3/26 (first choice) or Wednesday 4/6. 10 in favor, 10 opposed. Chair breaks tie, votes in favor. Motion passes.

Discussion of dates. (Count is inaudible on audio recording). The Chair states that since the majority of members present cannot meet on those dates, she will entertain a motion to reconsider the motion.

Motion to reconsider LaVarn’s original motion as to whether to have a special meeting. 11 for, 7 against. Passes.

Sepideh moves to have an executive session on April 10th. 7 in favor, 8 opposed. Motion fails.

Ratcliff moves to refer the issue of a special meeting to PersCom for its meeting next Wednesday 3/23. 10 in favor, 7 opposed. Motion passes.

Berg moves that we make it a special order of the day to move to the statement re Carol Spooner and then to adjourn.

11:00AM: Statement of Gratitude to Carol Spooner: Richard Phelps moves to remove the line, “we hereby pledge to do so for Carol’s sake.” Passes. A motion to remove last sentence passes, 10 Yes, 7 No.

In accord with the earlier comments, Ted proposes the following changes: to add the word “interim”, “…and she served as secretary for the interim Pacifica National Board…”; and to replace the line, “we hereby pledge to do so for Carol’s sake…” with “We pledge to do so in honor of Carol’s work.” The word “assignation” is corrected to read “assassination.”

Sarv moves to accept the statement of gratitude as amended. Passes unanimously.


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