LSB meeting notice and agenda – January 2015

The next meeting of the KPFA Local Station Board will be

January 24, 2015 11am-4pm
North Berkeley Senior Center

1901 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA map
This meeting will include the election of representatives to the Pacifica National Board. The location and full agenda will be posted by Wednesday, Jan. 21.

You may sign up to receive agenda notices by email by notifying the LSB secretary: secretary.kpfalsb <at> You may submit written comments on any agenda by writing directly to the Local Station Board: kpfalsb <at>

KPFA LSB regular in-person meeting
January 24, 2015 11am-4pm
North Berkeley Senior Center
Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA 
Delegate Assembly
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
1Call to Order as Delegate Assembly11:00 AM
25Roll Call11:00 AM
35Confirmation of nominations rec’d by 12/31/1411:05 AM
410Statements by candidates11:10 AM
520Election of Directors11:20 AM
6Adjourn as Delegate Assembly11:40 AM
Local Station Board
Item #Time*ItemEst start time
7Call to Order as Local Station Board11:40 AM
85Roll Call and Excusing of Absent Members11:40 AM
910Approve Agenda11:45 AM
1010Approve Minutes11:55 AM
1120Approve meeting 2015 meeting schedule12:05 PM
125Annoucements12:25 PM
1410Break1:00 PM
1520GM Report1:10 PM
1620Treasurer’s Report1:30 PM
175CAB report1:50 PM
185KFCF Report1:55 PM
19Old Business
10    A.  Budget workshop update (J. Kobren)2:00 PM
20    B.  Local news coverage (A. Prichett)2:10 PM
20    C.  News coverage protocols and policies (A. Prichett)2:30 PM
20Adjourn2:50 PM
*All times are advisory



Minutes of the January meeting are not available.

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