June 2006 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting minutes June 17th, 2006: Draft Minutes, not approved

KPFA Local Station Board
Minutes 17 June 2006
Regular Meeting

Freight & Salvage
Coffee Shop
1111 Addison
Berkeley, California

Meeting is called to order at 11:38AM

Introductions and Announcements

Richard Phelps (RP), Chair


Brian Edwards-Teikert (BET)  Riva Enteen (RE)
Sarv Randhawa (SR)           Rosalinda Montes Palacios (RMP)
Marnie Tattersall (MT)       Lisa Rothman (LR)
William Walker (WW)          Bonnie Simmons (BS)
Mary Berg (MyB)              Joseph Wanzala (JW)
Attila Nagy (AN)             Annie Hallatt (AH)
Stan Woods (SW)              Sepideh Khosrowjah (SK)
Max Blanchet (MxB)           Lavarn Williams (LW)
Debbie Speer (DS)            Chandra Hauptman (CH)
Mark Hernandez (MH)


Willie Ratcliff (WR)         Eric Park (EP)
Sherry Gendelman (SG)        Jane Jackson (JJ)
Howard Beeman (HB)

Excused without objection.


Added "1PM" to Consent Calendar item on next LSB meeting. Passed w/o objection.

Added Greg Guma comments to Consent Calendar.

Move ITem "Q" (Q. To establish limits on the powers and authority of the
KPFA Program Council) to Item "A" and adjust remainder of items accordingly, 
make new Item "A" a Special Order of the Day for 1:30PM.  CH calls question, 
fails 9-7.  JW calls question, fails 9-7.  Debate ends w/o objection.  Vote 
is 9-9, Chair votes to break tie, PASS.

MyB indicates Item "N" (Accept Marcia Kerwit's resignation from the Program
Council, and action to fill the vacancy through June 2006) is now moot and
should be removed as Mary Proffit has been appointed to the position.  Motion
passes 13-1.

CH moves to strike Item V (Status on FCC translator applications) and Item VII 
(LSB Budget priority recommendations) from NEW BUSINESS.  Pass w/o objection.

MT moves to change Item I (PNB Report of the Directors) from NEW BUSINESS to 
Item IV on COMMITTEE REPORTS.  BS seconds, MxB moves to close debate.  Debate
closes w/o objection.  Passes w/o objection.

AH move to make Item I (Selection of LSB Program Council Reps) of OLD BUSINESS 
to Special Order of the Day at 1:45PM.  MyB seconds,  Passes 10-8.


MxB moves to accept minutes of 4/22/2006.  Passes w/o objection.

WW moves to accept minutes of 5/20/2006, noting scrivener amendments. Passes
as amended w/o objection.


MT objects to meeting time as presented.

SK objects to AH addition to Consent Calendar; item moves to NEW BUSINESS VI.

Due to meeting time issue objection, item now takes precedence to set meeting

MT moves to hold meeting on Sunday, 7/16/2006, from 11AM to 4PM at the Freight
and Salvage.  BET presents substitute motion to hold meeting as proposed on the
Consent Calendar.  Motion fails 9-9.  Main motion returns, vote is 9-9, Chair 
votes in favor, PASSES.


Eight members of the public spoke to the LSB.

BET moves to suspend the rules to postpone the Special Orders of the Day until 
after the iGM report.


Treasurer’s Report

  As provided (submitted report).

BET: Move to adopt budget priority list from report,
amended to remove comment under "Install Transcription
Software" regarding CH research, and adding signal survey
information gathering, and reimbursement for unpaid staff
people (which gets a priority ranking of "3").
SR seconds.
Amendments adoption: PASS 13-2.

Main motion as amended PASSES 13-2

===== BREAK at 2:10PM ====== to reconvene in 30 minutes.

Call to Order from Break at 2:46PM.

iGM Report:

  As provided (submitted report).

Special Orders of the Day is invoked per prior motion, and 
the agenda moves to First Special Order of the Day


JW: "Resolved:  It is beyond the powers of the Program Council
to determine that any program producer is ineligible to have
proposed programs reviewed for air time based on alleged 
misconduct.  The Program Council's role is to review proposed
and current programs to see if they are appropriate for the 
station based on our Mission."

MyB makes a Point of Order that the motion is out of order.
Chair rules point of order is out of order.
MyB appeals the ruling of the Chair.
Chair's ruling sustained.

Call the question, fails 8-11.

BET/RMP proposes the amendment:
"This resolution shall not alter or reverse any standing decisions
of the Program Council."

SR moves to refer to Governance Committee; WW seconds.
LW: Calls the question.
10-8. FAIL.

4:26PM Motion to Adjourn (RMP/DS).

FAILS: 9-10.  Debate continues.


4:42PM: ADjourned by Chair due to closing of Freight and Salvage for 
later scheduled event.
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