February 2005 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA Local Station Board Meeting
Saturday, February 26, 2005, at 11:00 AM
Freight and Salvage Coffee House
1111 Addison Street,
Berkeley, CA.

Present for all or part of the meeting:     Howard Beeman, Mary Berg, Max Blanchet, Brian Edwards Tiekert, Riva Enteen, Ted Friedman, Sherry Gendelman, Annie Hallatt, Chandra Hauptman, Sepideh Khosrowjah, Attila Nagy, Eric Park, Richard Phelps, Rosalinda Palacios, Sarv Randhawa, Willie Ratcliff,  Fadi Saba, Bonnie Simmons, Debbie Speer, Lisa Rothman, Marnie Tattersall, William Walker, Joe Wanzala, LaVarn Williams; Roy Campanella, General Manager;   David Mezzera, parliamentarian.  Notes taken by Eric Klein.

Absent: Fadi Saba, Carol Spooner.

11:14 AM: Introductions and Announcements.
David Mezzera, parliamentarian who will be assisting the chair on Roberts Rules of Order, makes three points: 1) Pacifica bylaws trump Roberts Rules. 2) The majority rules, but he rights of the minority must be protected. 3) The rules exist to serve the membership (not individual members nor the rules).

Vote to Excuse Members’ Absences:
Sepideh Khosrowjah moves to excuse Fadi Saba, who is attending the memorial of his brother. Seconded. Passes unanimously.
Sepideh Khosrowjah moves to excuse Carol Spooner’s absence. Motion passes without objection.

Review/Approve Agenda:
Brian moves to put the discussion of the April meeting date after item 6, as time-sensitive.  Seconded.

William W. amends  to make discussion of both the March and April meeting dates special orders of the day, to take place  immediately after public comment. Seconded. Passes without objection.

Chandra moves that her resolution on disability access be moved to a time sensitive matter after the meeting date discussion under special orders of he day. Seconded.  6 yes, 11 no, 4 abstentions. Fails.

Sarv moves to approve the agenda. Seconded. Approved as amended.

Consent Calendar (One Item):
LaVarn  pulls the Resolution of Appreciation to the KPFA Community from Consent Calendar;  it thus becomes New Business.

11:53 AM:     Review and Approve Minutes of Meeting on 1/29/05:
Brian Edwards-Tiekert asks that his name be removed from the affiliate task force.

LaVarn asks that her name be removed from the executive review committee.

Sarv moves to approve the minutes as amended. Seconded.  1/29 Minutes approved as amended.

11:53 AM:    Public Comment:

12:15 PM:   Time-Sensitive Items: Change of March and April Meeting Dates:
William Walker  moves to have next meeting March 19th at 9 AM.

Brian calls the question.  Vote to end debate passes 17 to 3;  debate ends.
Vote on motion:   17 yes,  1 no, 3 abstentions.  Passes.

Bonnie Simmons moves to move April 16th meeting to 17th due to Freight and Salvage availability. Seconded. 17 yes, 0 no, 4 abstentions.  Passes.

12:25 PM:    Treasurer’s Report – Marnie Tattersall:
During the report, questions about webcasting/ archiving recordings of LSB meetings arise. William Walker moves to refer the feasibility of archiving of audio streams (recordings) of LSB meetings on the website to the LSB GovCom.   14 yes, 8 no.  Passes.

12:46 PM:   Report from Station Manager:
Bonnie Simmons moves to create a 3 person committee from the LSB to work to create a Community Advisory Board.

LaVarn moves to postpone the discussion of the Community Advisory Board to New Business so as to continue with the GM report. 18 yes, 2 no. Passes. Bonnie’s motion is moved to New Business.  The GM report continues.

1 :30 PM:  Willie Ratcliff calls to move the agenda. He moves to take up the resolutions dealing with PD Hiring Committee as special order of the day. Seconded.
Parliamentarian David Mazzera states there are 2 choices at this point: form “order of the day”, or at 1:45 move to adjourn.

Ted Friedman moves to postpone adjournment till 3 o clock.  15 yes,  7 no. Passes.

1:35 PM:    Ten-minute break. Resume at 1:52

1:52 PM:     Unfinished Business:
Ratcliff moves that the Personnel Committee Report be taken up next  and  that the Program Director Hiring Committee resolution be adopted.

Brian Edwards-Tiekert moves to strike the wording “that everybody agree to confidentiality” and replace with “all members of the committee be required to sign and  abide by the terms of the confidentiality agreement used during the last general manager hire.”     The amended language passes without objection.

Text as amended:                      PersCom:   Resolution re PD Hiring Committee:
That the Local Station Board establish a program director hiring committee consisting of  7 members of the Local Station Board elected to the committee by the single transferable voting method, that the General Manager serve as an ex-officio member of the committee, and that the committee of inclusion appoint a non-voting member to the committee; that everybody on the committee agree to confidentiality;   that all members of the committee be required to sign and abide by the terms of the confidentiality agreement used during the last general manager hire;  and that the first responsibility of the committee is to draft a job  announcement and plan for hiring a program director and present it to the Local Station Board for approval.

LaVarn moves that the confidentiality agreement be dealt with by the GovCom.  18 yes. Passes.

Ratcliff motion to pass the PersCom PD Hiring Committee as amended:   20 yes, 0  no.  Passes.

2:00 PM:     Nominations for the 7 LSB members to Program Director Hiring Committee:
Richard Phelps nominates Joe Wanzala
Sarv Randhawa nominates Howard Beeman
Bonnie Simmons nominees Brian Edwards Tiekert
Brian Edwards Tiekert nominates Sherry Gendelman
Annie Hallatt nominates Mary Berg
Ted Friedman nominates Sepideh Khosrowjah
LaVarn Williams nominates Richard Phelps
Marnie Tattersall nominates Bonnie Simmons

Ballots are collected by LEC member Signe Mattson for subsequent tally by Les Radke (see results attached).

2:12 PM:    GovCom Report – Mary Berg:

2:15 PM:    Program Council Report – Sepideh Khosrowjah:

2:25 PM:    Report from the PNB Directors – LaVarn and Sarv:

2:35 PM:    Rotation of Meeting Places (full text included in agenda) – motion presented by Sepideh Khosrowjah in Fadi Saba’s absence:
Sepideh proposes amendment for point 3-  that the third regularly scheduled meeting of each quarter will be held outside Berkeley but in the Bay Area.

Annie moves to refer this issue, including the proposed amendment, to the GovCom.  Passes without objection

Brian Edwards-Tiekert moves to change the order of the day to take up the CAB issue next. Passes.

Brian Edwards Tiekert moves that the Local Station Board Chair and KPFA’s General Manager work together to constitute a CAB (Community Advisory Board) for the purpose of meeting CPB reporting requirements as soon as possible. Seconded.

Debbie amends to move forward with the motion as an interim plan, and refer a permanent CAB structure to be formed by the governance committee. Seconded. 12 yes, 10 no. Passes.

Brian Edwards-Tiekert moves to strike the word “interim” from the proposal. Passes.

William Walker makes substitute motion to go back to Brian’s original un-amended motion. Seconded. 17 votes to substitute WW’s motion for the amended one.  Passes.

Vote on the original motion  17 yes.  Passes.

Meeting adjourned at 3:06 PM
Attachments to Minutes:
1)        Treasurer’s Report:   Paper copies were distributed at meeting.  Electronic version to be provided       by Marnie Tattersall

2)        GM Report:   Paper copies were distributed at meeting.  Electronic version to be provided by   William Walker

2)            Email Announcement by Rosalinda Palacios, Chair, of Results of Election for PD Hire Committee:

Greetings Everyone,

As of today, Monday, February 28, 2005, the results for the Program Director Hiring Committee are as follows:

1. Bonnie S.
2. Sherry G.
3. Richard P.
4. Sepideh K.
5. Brian ET.
6. Joe W.
7. Mary B.

*Annie H. – 2
*Sarv R.    -3

Congratulations to everyone and happy recruiting. And thank you to Les for tabulating the ballot count, and to William,
Richard, and Max for observing the process.

Blessings of Peace,
Chalchiuhtlicue Atl

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