December 2010 LSB Meeting Records

KPFA 2011 Local Station Board
Regular in-person meeting,
December 4, 2010
Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Avenue


Shahram Aghamir, Mal Burnstein, Pamela Drake, Anthony Fest, Sasha Futran, David Gans, Conn Hallinan, Matthew Hallinan, Cynthia Johnson, Hyun-Mi Kim, Jack Kurzweil, Henry Norr, Richard Phelps, Simon Pius, Andrea Prichett, Laura Prives, Tracy Rosenberg, Tanya Russell, David Saldana, Dan Siegel, Akio Tanaka, Andrea Turner, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers

1.         Call to order of 2011 board
Meeting called to order at approximately 11:20 am by 2010 chair A. Fest.

2.         Excusing of absent members
R. Geesler excused without objection.

3.         Announcements
A.  Benefit for Tristan Anderson at Berkeley Unitarian-Universalist Church Dec. 4                  evening.

B.  A. Prichett invited board members to participate in LSB Outreach Committee.                  Committee next meets Dec. 15 at Grassroots House, 2022 Blake St., Berkeley, 7                  pm.

4.         Election of officers

M. Wilkinson elected, without objection, chair pro tem for purpose of conducting elections. Results:

A.   Chair: M. Wilkinson (Wilkinson 13, Norr 9).

B.   Vice chair: C. Hallinan (Hallinan 12, Prichett 10)

C.   Secretary: listener-member Craig Alderson (Alderson 12, Tanaka 10)

D.   Treasurer: listener-member Barbara Whipperman (Whipperman 13, Fest 10)

5.         Agenda review and approval
Moved to adopt (C. Hallinan). Approved without objection.

6.         Next LSB meeting
Moved (C. Hallinan): Thursday, January 13, 6-9pm, place to be determined. Moved to end debate (M. Burnstein) failed (10Y, 8N). Date and time considered separately. January 13 approved, 10Y, 8N. 6-9pm approved, 11Y, 1N.

7.         Public comments
Murray Pender, Virginia Browning, Steve Gilmartin, Daniel Borgstrom, Jerry Bernhaut, Stan Woods, Fran Rachel, Felipe Messina, Jane White

8.         Treasurer report (S. Prius)
S. Prius presented a summary of the budget. He reviewed figures on summary sheet (attached). September is final; October and November are still preliminary but probably pretty close to figures in summary report. $900k loss last year, $600k loss in 2010. As of December 3, there was $79k in cash, $70k in accounts payable. We won’t need to borrow to meet December payroll, but probably can’t pay central services. Prius said fiscal year-end closing, poor communications, management practices at Pacifica made getting information difficult. He suggested using a service in the future. Prius briefly reviewed budget planning process and there was discussion about who was involved in the budgeting process. M. Wilkinson suggested a session for the board to develop a clearer understanding of the budget process. The board will put the finance committee on a future agenda.

9.         LSB committees
A.         Outreach Committee (A. Prichett)
Prichett yielded to Rick Sterling for report. Committee has been attending events seeking to attract new members. Attended Green Festival, signed up a dozen new members and received cash donations. A. Prichett appealed for help.

B.         Personnel Committee (S. Aghamir)
Hasn’t met since last LSB meeting. Trying to finalize job announcement for program director. Update on hiring of general manager. Board members confirmed for 2011 committee (7 seats total):

S. Aghamir
A. Fest
R. Geesler
C. Hallinan
T. Russell
D. Siegel
A. Turner

10.        PNB report (A. Turner)
Reported on Dec. 3 PNB meeting. The meeting was in closed session due to discussion of legal matters, and she could not reveal details. Next PNB meeting: Dec. 10.

11.        KFCF report (R. Wythers)
Annual banquet Nov. 7 raised $5,000 for KFCF. Negotiated payment plan by KPFA over months for share of October pledge drive proceeds, instead of lump sum. KFCF finances not bad; approximately $189k annual budget. Raised $12k so far this year from vehicle donation program with help of Oregon non-profit.

12.        New business
A.         Fundraising committee

Board consensus to form fundraising committee open to all board members but with following core members:

M. Wilkinson
M. Burnstein
L. Prives
C. Johnson
D. Gans
A. Prichett
T. Rosenberg
Meeting scheduled for Dec. 14, 6pm, at KPFA office.

B.         Resolution on local control. Moved (M. Burnstein). Moved to close discussion (T.
Russell): Y17; closed. On motion: Y11, N10; approved.

C.         Resolution on Gary Null. Moved (J. Kurzweil). Moved to call question M.
Burnstein): Y17; carried. On motion: Y7, N10, A5; failed.


D.         Resolution on violations of budget process. Moved (D. Siegel). Moved to
close debate (J. Kurzweil): Y12, 9N; failed. T. Rosenberg moved to call
question. No objection to proposal by chair to close debate after three
additional speakers. Moved to divide question on points 1 through 4 of
resolution (A. Prichett). Y9, N10; failed. On main motion:

Y, 11:   Burnstein, Drake, C. Hallinan, M. Hallinan, Kurzweil, Prives, Saldana,
Siegel, Turner, Wilkinson

N, 10:   Aghamir, Fest, Futran, Johnson, Kim, Norr, Phelps, Prichett, Rosenberg,

A, 1:  Withers

Meeting adjourned 4 pm.


1.         LSB Outreach Committee meeting Dec. 15, Grassroots House, 2022 Blake St., Berkeley,   7 pm.

2.         Special session for the board to develop a clearer understanding of the budget process.

3.         Finance committee on a future agenda.

4.         Fundraising committee meeting Dec. 14, 6pm, KPFA office.

5.         Next LSB meeting Thursday, January 13, 6-9pm, place to be determined

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Alderson, Recording Secretary